Are Online Lotteries Available in India?

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POSTED BY Rishabh Kumar 31-Jan-2019 .

Do you just love playing online lotteries and are searching for something filled with lots of fun? Then, this article is for you. Indians love playing the games from singing games such as Antakshri to placing bets on lotteries. Many companies have tapped into this love for games, and offer some........

Become a Millionaire with EuroMillions Lottery

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POSTED BY Hema Manral 28-Jan-2019 .

Thanks to EuroMillions, the Tuesdays, and Fridays of every month have never been the same. These are the days that you have the chance of becoming filthy rich. Of course, you will have to participate in one of the most popular lottery games out there.  EuroMillions is one such lottery game........

How to Legally Play International Lottery from India?

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POSTED BY Rishabh Kumar 28-Jan-2019 .

The one positive for all Indians, irrespective of the state they live in is that they can play the international lottery without worrying about legal issues. Since the draw for these does not take place within India, the international lotteries are not regulated by the Indian laws. There is no........

Sunny Deol latest movies and some unknown interesting facts

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POSTED BY Raju Singh 02-Jan-2019 .

Sunny Deol latest movies and some unknown interesting facts Sunny Deol is a superhit Bollywood star and his fans love his movies. He has worked in many movies. Almost all movies of Sunny is gone superhit. His fans love his Bold look in the movies. Mostly, he has performed in an action........

That special time of the year again? Your girlfriend’s birthday seems close enough and you are on some intense lookout of means and ways to make it extra special for her this year. It is time again for you to put on your best boyfriend hat and go above and........

Digital Transformation of the Movies World

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POSTED BY Haris Younas 13-Dec-2018 .

The world has been turned into a global village and the reason is due to digital transformation of the world. Through the transformation, that web has realized on the planet there is sure move in the pattern of watching films. This upheaval achieved through the web has reformed each industry........

Are Manchester United football tickets good value?

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POSTED BY nick 28-Nov-2018 .

It hasn’t been a pleasant start to the 2018-19 season if you’re a Manchester United supporter, however, demand for football tickets to watch José Mourinho’s side is still hotter than ever before but with the current form the team are in, is it seriously good value for money? Mourinho brought three........