Our bodies are extremely complex machines that require fuel components (food, water, and air) in order to grow, function, and repair themselves. The body, like any machine, requires routine maintenance in order to last a long time and function properly throughout a person's life expectancy. Using the body as it was........

What Is IVF And How Much Does It Cost In Delhi

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IVF is one of the advanced processes which helps those couples who can't conceive naturally. In India, more than 2 lakhs IVF cycles are performed every year, and according to several reports, this ratio may increase up to 5 lakhs annually in the future. According to the All India Institute Of........

Water is essential for humans, especially for drinking water. Unfortunately, the water in India is not suitable for drinking. According to the WHO report, drinking polluted and contaminated water causes many problems and diseases. This is not ideal for health, and if a family member has a child or an........

Summer Pickles That Take You Back to Grandmas Kitchen

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Pickles in India are more than just a way to add zest to a simple dish; they're also a way to pass down memories and heirloom recipes. Summer afternoons are spent with our nanis and dadis year after year, watching them blend spices and dry ingredients for their 'world-famous' achaar,........

Keto Diet Foods: What to Eat and Avoid

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The ketogenic or “keto” diet is a low-carbohydrate, fat-rich weight deduction plan gaining observation as a potential weight loss strategy. It let fall blood sugar and insulin levels and shifts the body's metabolism away from carbs and toward fat and ketones. The Essential requirements to a successful keto diet are simple—limit your carb intake........

A Guide to the Gluten Free Lifestyles for Kids

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When it comes to food trends, going gluten-free is at its peak. Although a foreign concept, many people in India have taken up the gluten-free lifestyle for the past 8 years. While gluten-free foods are a good option for adults, they may have variable effects on a child’s system. Kids........

Why Choose to Study MBBS in Georgia?

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About Georgia Georgia situates in the Caucasus region of Eurasia. Tbilisi is the largest city and the capital of the country.  Due to their topographical differences, this has also brought about cultural and language exchanges between the two regions. Due to the imperfect transportation system, villages located in the Greater Caucasus........

A Complete Guide To Doctors Answering Service Cost

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Running a medical clinic can be troublesome. It certainly has its busy days. On top of that, with incessant phone calls and patient appointments, it can get pretty hectic. In this case, a better way to handle this day to day busyness is by delegating some of the work to........

Ultrasonic Scaling: Things You Need To Know

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Before we delve into the field of ultrasonic scaling and its advantages, let's explore in general what scaling is exactly. A residue is built up between the teeth and gum line due to a lack of good oral hygiene and other variables. Your teeth expert will prescribe that you go........

My Friend Insemination Story

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Being parents is a beautiful feeling, and not all are luckiest enough to have a baby naturally. Today, I'm here to mention an excellent insemination story of my friend who was nearly disappointed and had no hope of having a kid. This was a nearly 3-month-old story when one of my........