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Do you need a good Google AdWords Guide?  Here I will give you a few fine Google AdWords course tips that I learned during my internet marketer time.  If you employ some of those Google AdWords secrets youll surely have more success in PPC.  With just applying some of these Google AdWords hints my earnings went up extremely fast.  So read my Google AdWords manual and become more rewarding.


Here is a Brief definition of Google AdWords:

When you perform a search in Google, then you will probably see a list of boxes on the perfect hand side.   But they just will pay Google when a person clicks on their advertisement.

As an affiliate/internet marketer, your task is to send people to the merchant site at which youll get paid commissions on any sales that you help generate.  You can reach people when theyre actively searching for information about your products and services online, and send targeted visitors directly to what you are providing.

That is why it is very important to understand some Google AdWords secrets.

To set up an AdWords account go to the AdWords page and follow the directions.

Select a Product to Sell

Google AdWords course about Picking a Product


There are plenty of affiliate programs and independent affiliate programs online that permit you to market almost all you want.  To start I recommend one of the following affiliate programs:



Just stop by the sites and search for products that you think that could promote.

Finding Profitable Keyword Phrases

To perform the study on keywords that I recommend you that the free Google Keyword Tool:

* Keyword relevance is very important!  That usually means that a key word is only good if its applicable not just to the product you are encouraging, but also into the actual page that youre promoting.  Google will punish you by giving you a greater click price if the keyword doesnt match this criteria.

* It is also quite effective to advertise using key words which have the product that youre promoting. 

* If you add” buy" or “purchase" to any product, it will become one of the highest converting keywords that you will have.

* Also be sure to use singular and plural keywords.  This may bring you more traffic.

* Use additionally misspellings on your search phrases.  Although these keywords do not receive high levels of traffic, you can obtain top quality traffic together.

Create a Campaign


* The first thing that you should do is turn off the Content network because for the majority of products the content doesnt convert to sales.

* Set your everyday budget somewhat higher as you would normally because Google is not likely to achieve this limit.

* The text within your ad should contain the specific keywords and phrases which are within your advertisement group.  Make sure the keywords are all relevant to your advertisement and merchandise.

* create also Ad Groups.  This is just a means to organize your key words but it will help a good deal.  This groups should just have a little amount of key words inside.  I wouldnt take more than 20.  This technique will increase your CTR (click through ratio).


* In order to create highly applicable Ad Groups, its very important to set your keywords together using the “common" keyword procedure.  If all key words have a Minimum of One common word you will be able to use this word on your ad copy (title and description)

Composing the Advertisement Copy

The Ad Copy is the text within an ad (name and description).

* Use your common term from the ad copy as far as possible, but most importantly use it from the title.

* Concentrate on advertising importance.  If your ad does not contain the exact keywords that the individual has just performed in their hunt, they are likely not going to click on your ad.

* Remove Non-Buyers.  Display the price in the advertisement and itll only bring in those who are willing to shell out cash.

* Utilize call to Action Phrases.  It informs the searcher that they will need to execute some kind of action within the website that they are going to visit.

Example: “Sign Up to...","Join Now...","Click Here..."


Quality score

Quality score is a dynamic variable calculated for each of your keywords and phrases.  It combines a variety of factors and steps how important your key word is to your advertisement text and to an individuals search query.  Quality score changes your keywords minimal CPC and position in the research results.  It could even affect whether or not your ad shows up.  A great excellent rating will net you a low minimum bid and higher ad placement.  Your goal is to attain a high excellent Score so you can find a greater ad standing and pay less per click.  The Quality score is based on the following 5 factors: