10 Ways to Clear Any Exam

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Everybody is aware of what to study and when to study these are something which we have been taught from school time. But How to study efficiently was never taught. Today in this article we will discuss the 10 ways to clear any competitive exam as hard as that of CA to get sure shot success.

#1 It is Good to work Hard but it is Better to Work Smart

How alert you are and how much attention you are paying while studying is of greater value than the time you spend on studying. If you have a planned Time table you will be able to save your time by 30%, of which you can devote to other activities. For higher studies or competitive exams like CA, it’s, not the amount of time you spend matters in fact what matters is the number of hours of effective study. For effective studies try to stay alert and for staying alert follow the below-mentioned points.

  • Do not get distracted. Try to get rid of any disturbances produced by your phones, TV sets or any other house activity. When you decide to go to your study table make clear in your head the behind sitting of a study table.

  • Study the most difficult subjects then go for the easy ones, as you are alert at the beginning of the study period and eventually end up draining your energy, so it is better to keep easy ones for the last.

#2 Do Not Study While You Feel Drowsy

Do not force yourself with studies while you are sleepy as it is totally a waste of time. In fact, it is a time to charge your battery i.e., you can go for a 15 minutes nap after which you will feel energized and refreshed and will be able to concentrate better.

#3 Prefer Studying During Early Hours of the Day

It is advisable to keep the difficult or boring subjects for the early hours of the day. The perfect time to study is in the morning.It is better to take sufficient sleep at night so that you wake up fresh and full of energy. This will eventually improve your retentivity.

#4 Highlight the Keywords

Whenever you are studying, sit with a highlighter or pencil in your hand. And while reading highlight the important points or words which will help you while you will be revising from that book. With these highlighted points you will save a lot of time and can complete the revision quickly.

#5 Keep Your Study Sessions Short

It is adviced that instead of sitting for long hours to study it is better to sit for a fixed period of 50minutes to an hour and fix your goal as how much you have to study in that particular time and make sure you complete that goal in that amount of time only after studying for that time take 10 mins break which is kind of your award for your performance. There are two benefits of this activity first it keeps motivated and energized and secondly you complete the target set by you.

#6 Do Not Study Same Subjects One After Another

Never plan to study similar subjects one after another, it is better to schedule different subjects. As studying similar subjects the whole day can be boring and there is a possibility that you might end up mixing everything in your head.

# 7 Manage Your coaching Time and your Home Schedule

Most of the students preparing for competitive exams go to coaching institutes. The timings of coaching institutes are quite exhaustive. So becomes difficult for students to manage the coaching time with their home schedule. To manage the two things you need to prioritize your work and distribute the time wisely between the two.

#8 Say no to Distractions

Everything looks tempting while you study but these tiny temptations soon turn into distractions, and those distractions can cost your result. So better stay away from everything that distracts you from your goal whether it’s your mobile, TV or friends, all these things can wait but time waits for none and once your time is gone you will have nothing but repentance.

#9 Get Adequate Diet

Do not compromise on your diet, this is the biggest mistake that children do during the exam preparation they began to skip their meal which is wrong, to keep your mind active you need to be energetic and for that, you must take proper diet and keep yourself healthy.

#10 Keep Yourself Fit

Keep at least 30 minutes for exercise in your daily schedule. Exercise not only keeps your body active but has a direct effect on your mind as well. So while planning your study schedule allot some time for exercising and observe the wonders it does.

In the above article, we discussed the top 10 ways to clear any exam. So follow the tips mentioned above and prepare for your future exams.