7 Tips for improving your spoken English

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7 Tips for improving your spoken english

Important tips for improving spoken English: English is an important language in todays time. Its word language If you want to succeed, if you want to break job interviews and get a good job then you should have additional general communication skills and the best way to communicate is the English language. When you speak English before the other, it gives a good effect and attracts others to you and it enhances the chances of your success.


Why it is important to improve English: -

Now you know English is extremely important and you have decided to learn English, but whenever you ask someone how to improve English, they should answer "practice daily" and there is no doubt that practice is right But how do you do it today I am sharing some important suggestions with you to improve English.

First you consume English words and second you have to practice those words while speaking and you will be amazed with the results but the question is how to consume and practice English because some of you are not from modern society where English The language is used often and some of you are studying in Hindi medium, so how will you do it? So do not worry, here are some important suggestions for improving English.

Important suggestions for improving English: -



1. Listening English:


So listen to English as much as you can, but always consider your priority which means if you like the story then listen to English stories and if you like movies then watch English movies or you can watch funny videos in English. They will entertain you and you will learn new words every day. The best part of listening to movies and videos, they use terminology that is usually used in day-to-day life, so you can enjoy as much as you can and learn.





2. Manipulating English with others:


Well social media is an important part of our days life. All of us use Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and social networking sites and you are accustomed to it, you can not change it so that you can spend even on learning English at that time. When you chat with your friends, you have to use English or you can make others friends from the country and talk to them. So your time will not be wasted and you will learn English at that time. This is a very important suggestion to improve English.

3. Writing in English:

Well you have gathered the mountain of English but it is of no use unless you practice them. But you can not have the environment around that, you do not have friends with whom you can communicate so that you are writing the best way to get those words from your mind. You can write articles and story and you can share them on your Facebook, Twitter page. People will love your post, this will encourage you to write as much as possible and this will also help you improve your English.



4. Talk in English:


Well, you have to think that you do not have any friends with whom you can talk so how will you do so that I have a good news for you. There are many apps in the Google Play store You can use those apps to call and talk to people from other countries. There is no need to hesitate because they are also using those apps as they are also going to learn. So this can be the best way to speak English for you.

5. Do not think about grammar while speaking:


Well, the biggest mistake people often keep thinking about grammar and this does not let them speak anymore because they fall into the trap of their grammatical concerns. So please do not do what you can and do not think about grammar because people do not see grammar while keeping your confidence in mind, so be confident and talk calmly and find out your brain English.



6. Used for English:


English every time they do stuff in English, read English, speak English, and listen in English. It should be used.

7. Encourage yourself:


Learning a new language well is not a one-day game. This is a long journey and sometimes you can demotivate and decide to leave English, so please do not do it and always remember that the good things take time.