Benefits in Solving Previous Year Question Papers

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UPSC exam is believed to be the toughest exam to crack. It requires immense effort and dedication to crack the exam. Undoubtedly, the students plan various strategies to secure a rank in the exam. Still, there are only a few aspirants that clear the exam.

It is important to understand why after loading an immense effort and keep preparing for nearly two years, the students don’t get the success. From the various observations to sort out this, it is noticed that solving the previous year question papers plays a huge role in preparation. Students are aware of its importance and they are observed solving it. In coaching classes like top UPSC coaching classes in Nagpur, each student is required compulsory to solve nearly 5-6 years previous year’s question papers. The students preparing them by self-studying are clear about it.

Though the students are aware to solve the papers, when you are aware of its importance to achieving goal success, for sure, you will concentrate even more in solving it.

Here we would like to discuss a few points related to it.

Exam pattern for UPSC

Preparing for the exams without clearly understanding the pattern and nature of questions is wasting of time. UPSC exams cover a vast syllabus and paper pattern keeps changing. To have the fair ideas of it, every student needs to solve the papers, compulsory. Many students take it lightly and just prepare from mock tests.

Solving the previous year’s question papers feed the students with the ideas of questions framing and its pattern. It will allow them to understand what is needed to be covered while preparing the different subjects for prelims and mains.

Students from UPSC classes in Nagpur explain that how solving the papers have brought the immense change in their marks secured in coaching class exams.

Need to understand the question format

When you are clear about the question format, it becomes easier and interesting to continue preparing for it. Solving the previous year’s question papers fill you with the ideas of solving the tricky and complicated questions. Often, the words in a question seem easy, but when you try solving, it may wreck your nerves.

When you’re clear about the demand of questions, the preparation for civil service exams becomes smooth. You will be clear what to read and how to read.

UPSC coaching in Nagpur are the best centres for coaching as they provide guidance to every student to understand question format and make them practice for it constantly.

Analysing the trend of UPSC exam

Solving the previous year’s question papers adds a student with an idea of the trend followed by UPSC exams. It loads the students with ideas about the topics that are needed to be given more time.

Practising questions papers

It is impossible to guess about the questions set-up by the commission. You can only get fair ideas by solving the papers. It will add you with the experience of what type of questions UPSC can ask in the forthcoming exams.


Students can evaluate their performance and also improve it further by solving the mock papers plus previous year’s sample papers. It will let them know their preparation level and find out the areas where they are making mistakes and require more practice.


The above points dictate the importance of solving sample papers during the exams. Often, solving sample papers are taken as a job and compulsory part to exam strategy. Students simply solve the papers just to complete the task. And maybe this is the reason that they don’t get success in the exam.

The main intention of the sample papers is to understand the question format, analyse the trend, find where you need more attention, and enhance the level of preparation.