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If you have never written in English before professionally or otherwise, then the PTE-A Writing Module is going to be problematic for you. No wonder that most South Asians struggle with getting a good score in the module.

However, if you follow a few PTE writing tips, and tricks, and get a lot of practice with sample questions, then getting a good score in the Module will not be that difficult. Through this blog, we will share some important and useful points that you should keep in mind, before approaching the Writing Module in PTE-A.

So in the Writing Module, there are two tasks: Summarise Written Text, and Essay.

Summarise Written Text

PTE Summary Writing is a different ballgame altogether. In Summarise Written Text, the aspirant will see a text on the screen. They are supposed to read the text, and write a summary. The text ranges from one to three paragraphs. Now there are some points that have to be kept in mind when writing the summary. The summary can be one-line long only. You cannot use more than one sentence. One sentence. One full stop. The word count of the summary has to be between 5 to 75 words. You have to write the summary in 10 minutes.

You will have to pick up two reading techniques: Skimming and scanning. Skimming is when you quickly read through the text to identify the general and main ideas in the text. You don’t read everything, just the main ideas, and the main points raised in the text. Scanning is when you scan or read through the text for a particular piece of information. Again, you don’t read everything, but the search is more specific this time.

In Summarise Written Text, you will have to use both techniques in the interest of time. Scan and skim through the passage to get the gist. Identify important and main ideas, and join them using connectors and, but, as well as, furthermore, moreover, etc. You can also copy paste words or phrases from the main passage.

The most common connectors are ‘and’ and ‘but’. Also, be sure to use relevant connectors. Make sure you understand the meaning of each connector and use it in the right context. Take care your spellings, tenses and punctuation. Also be sure to earmark some time at the end of the task for revision and proofreading. Don’t include your own ideas in the summary. Depend on the text. Try and create a complex sentence using keywords, commas, and connectors.

In Summarise Written Text, your response shouldn’t have phrases like, “The text/paragraph refers….”. Generally, experts say that it is okay to copy a sentence from the given text. But in case you have any doubts, just use synonyms for the same.

Essay Writing

In this section, you will have to write 200-300 words in about 20 minutes. A pertinent question often asked is whether or not a template should be used for Essay Writing. Well, it is advised that you use a quality template or a fixed structure of the essay for optimal marks. Remember although there is a word count that is fixed, your goal should be to write quality content, not fillers.

Pearson wants to check how well you can write and comprehend English, organise ideas. Do not write irrelevant stuff. There are three types of essay topics: agree/disagree/both sides/problem-solution. If the essay asks a question, then try to answer it, and also justify it. Don’t use personal examples in the essay. Use factual ones.

A good essay has three parts: Introduction, Body paragraphs (1&2), Conclusion. The most weightage is to be given to the introduction, and the next most importance is to be given to conclusion, and last but not the least, the body paragraphs.

Your score in the essay depends on content, words written, structure, grammar, vocabulary, and language diversity. Plan out your time wisely. First structure and organise your essay, and then write it. Remember to keep some time in hand to review what you have written.

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