Content marketing and SEO: two sides of a problem

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The world of SEO is constantly changing. But we always have to admit that for any SEO campaign, content is always valued, contributing significantly to search results.

Content marketing is a general term according to Google and the SEO Magnifier studies that cover all forms of marketing that involve the creation and sharing of content to find current and potential customers. Content marketing is based on the view that providing high quality, relevant and valuable information to potential customers and promoting consumer action brings profits to the business. Content marketing is beneficial in maintaining the reader's attention and enhancing their loyalty with your brand.


Quality content will be selected and shared with friends in a variety of groups, social circles or on various social media platforms. Its influence is widespread, and as a result, the higher the quality, the more likely it is to be shared and the return on investment (ROI).

Changes that focus on content creation tools for content using the paraphrasing tool best (content marketing, content marketing) do not mean you are SEO for that content. Or a misconception in the past: when website owners "care for SEO campaign " just too focused on the number of links earned from many different sites. However, unfortunately, Google quickly played Show, and continuously drop the smart penguin robot ( google penguin) to sweep away and completely eradicate that wrong idea.


Many people misunderstand that SEO is actually a marketing activity. Actually, SEO is a small process in a big process of marketing. SEO brings different goals and influences as well as long-term benefits (eg ranking, traffic volume) to optimized websites.


The SEO tasks around the content can be summarized in a few small ideas below:


    Make sure your website has been indexed correctly and often.

  •     The URL has been indexed per sitemap XML and is consistent with the robots.txt specs.
  •     The site is in a gradual status and search performance is good.
  •     Monitor your metrics as well as data from your regular Google Analytics and admin tools to make sure you're on the right track.
  •     Implementation of copyright marking.
  •     Working with Facebook's Twitter Cards and Open Graph 
  •     Updated XML sitemap for text, image, and video content.


On the other hand, content marketing tasks include:


  •     Creating new content regularly.
  •     Working on a clear content strategy.

    Planning the process of sharing that content on social media and on the go. All over the web in various forms


Content marketing and SEO are two different areas but are like the two sides of a coin. An SEO may or may not create your new, good content, as well as a content specialist who may or may not know how to help you optimize your site.


There is no denying the goal of creating quality content, all to promote search display, site optimization, search engine friendly, and extraction of content. Matching scenes help to show more prominent results on the SERPs, serving the best user needs.



Both fields, though interrelated and linked, carry distinct identities. A content creator needs to have knowledge of the relevant field but with a SEOer just have to know about SEs, algorithms, updated versions, administration tools, analysis reports, and so on.


Finding people who have both basic SEO knowledge as well as content marketing tactics, like in medicine called the General Practitioner may be quite rare but not difficult.