What is the importance of General Awareness section in Bank PO exam? What is its importance to the banking world? These questions must be arising in the mind of aspirants who are striving hard for Bank PO exam this year. In India, the banking sector has shown tremendous growth and it has affected economy and job market in most positive way. The biggest reason of General Awareness section is to tests candidate’s capability in grasping new information about world and India’s economy and all the important events happening across the globe. If an aspirant wants to be a successful banker then he should be well-versed with all banking terms, events, news and happenings.

In last few years, the examiners of Bank PO has laid stress on Current Affairs of last 6 months and news related to banking awareness with facts and figures. To be precise, these competitive exams give more importance to changing trends and working activities in Indian banking industries. The questions are primarily based on Indian Government economic and financial deals, implementation or recommendations of newly introduced economic policies, stock markets and its working, nuclear deals and pacts, questions based on terms like GDP, SLR, repo rate, reverse repo rate, World Bank, NABARD, latest banking terms like Jandhan Account, NPCI, CTS, NFS, USSD, IMPS, NEFT, RTGS, CTS, subsidy schemes, IFSC code, micro code, swift code etc.

These topics have made headlines in last few years and have affected global economy in most consequential way. Therefore, a future banker is expected to be well-versed with all these activities which can affect on banking industry in coming years. Similarly, the knowledge of Current Affairs will also be helpful in the Interview Round. The interviewer will test candidate’s aptitude and knowledge in banking world. It will be his witty and communicative skills that can win him his place in selected Bank PO’s.  

As far as qualifying Bank PO exams are concerned, the section of General Awareness is presumed to be most scoring section. The candidates are required to develop good grasping and memorizing skills to learn and remember a pile of information. In previous years, almost a decade back, the examiner gave more stress on static GK questions but now the exam pattern has changed drastically. In present times, you should be mentally aware of all the political, social, sports, banking and financial world news and happening that have hit headlines in big way. Therefore, the students should develop a habit of grasping good information daily by reading daily newspapers, informative magazines, joining online coaching courses or downloading MakeMyExam Android App for SSC & Bank.

The daily newspapers can be of great help as you can receive updated news on all current topics. Nowadays, the advent of Android App has changed the mode of learning and has revolutionized the style of preparation for competitive exams, especially bank competitive exams that are fancied by millions. It is becoming popular because of its accessibility, affordability and reliability of information which is available 24/7. Secondly, the information is just a click away, where a student can easily navigate to its preferred subject and topic and can learn at his ease.  The study material related to Current Affairs are regularly updated on these Android App. The other major topic to be covered is static GK. The static GK section is presumably vast but can be easily covered with help of standard textbooks through Bank Clerk Coaching Institute in Jammu. The students can also refer to Android Apps and E-books provided through online courses which provides bountiful of information on all major topics of static GK like Countries and currencies, Important Organizations, Sports related Awards, Books & Authors, Latest technology etc.

To conclude, it will be your good memorizing skills and excellent grasping power which will make you a winner in the end. The General Awareness section is the most scoring section but you should never be over-confident in it. The learning process should be regular and consistent without any break, so that you can cover maximum topics in allotted preparation time.

All the Best!!!