The most crucial years of children’s school education are the formative years, wherein, theylearn to be friendly, communicative and creative. 90% of brain development happens in this age only, so it is the best time to groom your children, and promote them to be confident, independent and skillful. Schools have a key role in the holistic development of children.

How Does a School Help in Building the Self-Esteem of a Child?

  1. Encouragement through Extra-Circular Activities: School is not just about studies. Children learn, play, and get involved in various extra-circular activities in the school that boost their self-esteem. Mental prowess improves gradually. Children feel empowered to choose what they like and learn from their choices.
  2. Child Learns to Be Independent: Till the time children remain at home, they thrive in a protected environment. But in a school, they learn to interact with others. They learn appropriate social interactions that are critical to buildup their confidence. 
  3. Child Learns to Mingle with Others: In a school, childrenstudy with many other kids of their age. They learn to cope up in an ambiance that teaches them survival skills. These interactions among peers help them to identify their strengths, and make use of them positively and assertively.
  4. Schools Provide Vast Knowledge to the Child: Once the children start attending the school, it opens up a vast reservoir of resources and knowledge to them. They start developing interest in various topics, and they startexploring the topics one-by-one.
  5. Schools Provide a Platform for the Child to Explore: Children are curiosity bundles! Schools provide them a platform to explore the world. They start interacting with people of all ages. They learn to communicate for receiving attention. Children learn various etiquettes that are needed in life.
  6. A Child Learns to Ask Questions and Get Answers: A school does much more than teaching subjects to children. It is an institution where children get answers to all the questions arising in their minds. They understand that questioning is as important as getting the answers. They understand that coming forward is mandatory to attain something in life.

Progress from “I AM” to “I CAN”

Indeed, schools are the institutions that teach a student to progress from “I AM” to “I CAN.” They provide holistic development to a child. Made Easy School is one such institution of caliber that provides a comprehensive teaching module that boosts the self-esteem of a child tremendously. Made Easy School is rated the highest among the top 10 schools in Gurgaon. If you are interested in the overall development and progress of your child, then Made Easy School is the one for you.