Right Time for IAS Exam Preparation

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It is essential for every student to know the when to start the preparation for IAS exam. But, there is no fixed time to start preparing for it. Often, it depends on the aspirant’s determination and choice to give the exam. Mostly, it is seen that the candidates sincerely put efforts after their graduation. Many students take time to arrive at a decision and start preparing at the age of 25-26. Students are found clearing exams at the age of 30-31.

The right time to prepare for IAS exam

In schools

Obviously, schools days are not the right time to stress you for the preparation of IAS. Many students approach UPSC coaching classes inquiring that if they can enrol their names after 10th grade to prepare for IAS exams. Well, they are advised to focus on the current affairs section only. Current affair is the subject that requires collecting the information and knowledge about the current topics in general categories. It helps to build your base strong about the incidents happening in the outer world. This is later on much helpful while preparing full-time for IAS exam.

During college time

Here applies the same rule, keep continuing preparing the general knowledge base. In addition to it, for the college students who have big dreams for IAS exams can start with preparing some CSAT topics like logical reasoning, data interpretation, and comprehension. Preparation of these subjects is also helpful if anyone plans for sitting for the competitive exams.

The UPSC classes in Nagpur suggest that CSAT is needed to qualify to clear prelims. So, often the students are giving average importance and need not worry to score high in these subjects.

The art students are advised to study well as any of their arts subjects can be selected as optional in the Mains exams. Therefore, if the art students are focusing well during graduation, this can benefit them in the long run.

It’s time to prepare for IAS exam

Now, you have collected the fair ideas to start preparing for IAS exam, it’s time to know about the right time to prepare for IAS exams. After completing graduation, now you’re free mind to focus completely on one thing. You can also approach to UPSC classes in Amravati for additional guidance.

IAS’s preparation is the toughest task that requires you to put immense effort and have patience. Very few times it happens with brilliants that they pass out in the first attempt. You may need to devote 2-3 years of time without any additional stress like to look after the family, part-time job, etc.

Still, if have no option and need to work and support your family, you can continue preparing it with high and positive hopes. There are many candidates who have cleared the exams while continuing with their jobs and services.

Unfortunately, if after maximum attempts, you are unable to clear the exams; your preparation is helpful for other exams.


The above article is written to provide fair ideas to the desired aspirants who truly like to pass out the toughest IAS exam. They very well know that securing a rank in this exam is not fun. It requires an immense effort. And, thus often in excitement to perform their best, they start preparing for it at an early age like from school-days. As explained above, the students can focus seriously after completing their graduation. The coaching classes are the additional help they can acquire for their preparation.

Logical reasoning is the parts which can start preparing from the college days. It is said that hard works always bears sweet fruit. And, therefore you can also achieve success goals with your high determination and extreme dedication.