The first farmers

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Before the 10,000bc time, everything on the planet had been just hunter gatherer communities. Now a new element was introduced into the equation, and that was farming.

A group of East African migrants to the Middle Eastern area called The Nautufians were well ahead of the game. These groups of people were your E1 DNA and developed systems of agriculture that forever changed the game. Now one thing that’s controversial is weather farming started prior to that in East Africa during a time when Bantu and Nilote tribes spent almost 10,000 years mixing cultures. It is during this time that the invention of the calendar occurred as well. The Twa are said to have created the calendar, and I have been trying to confirm locations on maps to some of the Twa actually migrating to East Africa during the 20,000bc-10,000bc time as well.

In the same time period, in Turkey, Armenia, and Turkmenistan the same artifacts are found. These were all African artifacts, and were the same origin of people. Later in this same area another group of people would migrate from East Africa called the Canaanites. Then followed by them the Phoenicians  who migrated back to Africa in Carthage which is modern day Tunisia


The areas around as cattle hereders, and hunter gatherer tribes. Also around this time developments in farming occurred .


"Further north and west near the source of the Ng-gr river are the Bambara who say that Dji-Wa-Ra, an Onyx antelope, brough them knowledge of agriculture. From Gao, descendants of Nupe, Bariba, Sorko and Bambara moved north to the western foot of Mt. Ta-Hat where lived the Bel-la.Some Anu moved north along the Lualaba to Ba-ng-ui, north to N'Dja-mena to Lac Tchad, past the Te-nere to Akka-dez, Ta-sili Ta-N-Ahaggar to Ta-Men-ghest to Mt. Ta-Hat, Mt Dje-Bel Te-ter-Tiba (Theba), Dj-Anet and Anak in west Ta-Tjaemen. what is called Algeria today. Thus spread the Anu sounds ta, tiba, dje, ng, ai(ui) and an(ak)(et). Rock paintings found in Tasili-n-Ahaggar dated 6,000 to 4,000 BCE depict a great giant monster which destroyed the


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