Tips On Write An Essay In Competitive Exam

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Writing essay is an essential part in the English section in any competitive exam. In our last article, “Significance of English in UPSC and Other Competitive Exams”, we have discussed the importance of English aspirants’ write essays and other questions of the paper in competitive exams.

Essays are the section in English paper which needs to be attended compulsory by the aspirants. Writing essay sounds easy, but in real it requires to involves many details and represent it properly, or you may be stuck losing time over it. Every second in the competitive exams is essential for the individual. So, it is essential for the aspirants to well frame the guidelines for writing an essay.

The competitive classes in Amravati feed their candidates with the best guidelines of writing essays. Their immense effort works out when their individuals secure their rank in the competitive exams.

The essays cover topics from different fields such as socioeconomic, to political, to international relations etc. The individual should have some idea on the topic as well as a few writing tricks on own to write a good essay.

How to write an essay?

There are some key points that can be important to remember while writing an essay.

  • Focus on the title of the essay and memorize the general ideas about it.
  • Try to understand what does the title means and what it wants from you to write
  • Too quick thoughts may divert you from the route
  • It is essential to remember that the essay is not only your personal view related to the title, but it demands a description of the title that you may know
  • Everything has its pros and cons, so try to evaluate the essay title in both positive and negative ways
  • Write down the main points roughly first and then rearranged it
  • Carefully keep track on past, present, and future tenses in an essay
  • The conclusion is the compulsory part in essay writing.

Amravati coaching classes for competitive exams directs them each individual to follow these guidelines to write the quality essay.


An introduction is the first part of any essay. It is extremely useful and it is written to engage the readers and build interest in them to further continue reading. Your words arrangement in the essay gives confidence about your thought related to the title. One paragraph of introduction is mostly enough, but sometimes it may be added with one more.

In the introduction part, you need to provide a small outline which previews the examples that will be explained in the rest of the body. This gives an idea to the readers what can be the text in the rest of the essay body.

A body of the essays

In the body of the essays, the other aspects of the title are discussed. The discussion should be a factual description. The UPSC coaching classes in Nagpur gives separate lectures on this essay writing.

It includes the description of the events explaining when and how it happened. You need to write the merits of the events followed by demerits of the same. Often, the title does not contain many demerits. It can be avoided often.

It needs to remember again that it is not your personal discussion, but a general factual description of the topic depends on the title of the topic.

Literally, scoring the highest in essay writing is a tough task. Understanding, the need and importance of the essay writing in the competition exams, UPSC classes in Amravati are dedicatedly focusing on preparing the individuals to write good essays following the above guidelines.



It is the concluding part of the essay. Therefore, you should be careful while ending up with the essay. You need not comment towards any political, religious, or any other side. Rather, you can add the words suggesting the advancement, and corrections that can be possible.

The UPSC classes in Nagpur feed their aspirants the correct ways to conclude the essay. A powerful conclusion is a valuable tool of any essay like an introduction. The conclusion should make your reader that you did a great job and its worth reading.