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Hey there! In this article, I will provide you guys with awesome UPSC Preparation Tips to follow while preparing for the Indian Administrative Services examination. I know that it is difficult to clear the IAS examinations due to the huge portion and clearance rate and not to forget the pressure on the candidate. So, I hope that these UPSC Preparation Tips will help you in some way.

Let us begin.

Some UPSC Preparation Tips 


The minimum age for enrolling for the UPSC examination is 21. But that doesn't necessarily mean that one cannot start early and prepare for it beforehand. A lot of candidates start preparing for the IAS exam once they finish high school.

This gives them a huge time advantage over other older candidates.


IAS examination is meant only for those truly dedicated to it and will give their 100%. One cannot dream of clearing an IAS exam without putting in intense hard work and being smart at the same time. An IAS candidate studies for 10 plus hours in a day. You have to pin it in your mind and be focused. Once you keep on repeating this cycle for IAS preparation, it will soon become a daily routine, and you'll find yourself highly motivated.


Create a strategy before you start preparing or start studying for the IAS examination. Many aspirants dig in randomly and start studying everything under the sun, which is ill advised and not healthy for their mental and physical health.

Have a plan for preparing. Focus on those subjects you are not comfortable with and where you feel like it requires an excess of your attention and practices them repeatedly. The topics you are strong at must also be practiced on a regular cadence. Keep using extra resources like the ones I am about to mention while preparing for the IAS examination.

You can also start by studying the NCERT books and then go on to an advanced level. You can brace yourself mentally by watching mock interviews of actual aspirants and candidates.


There are tons of good IAS Coaching Institutes out there that provide great courses for IAS preparation. I suggest that after your self-preparation, you join one of these courses. Such courses are particularly designed to help you prepare for competitive exams like IAS and RAS. The faculty at such institutions train and improve your time management techniques and skills and other important things that matter in IAS examinations, like prioritization, managing stress, etc. One such great course is The Thought Tree.

Source Of Study 

Next comes the sources of study.

#1. NCERT Books

National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCRT) is a government-controlled council that publishes subject textbooks for the CBSE board curriculum. NCERT books include every core subject from class 6th till class 12th. These books provide a pretty strong foundation in those subjects by covering the essence of all the topics.

You can look up the PDFs on the NCERT website.

A few old NCERT books (before the 2000s) are now discontinued but contain a lot of unedited information about the topics. These books are available online too.

So, to any IAS candidate, I would strongly suggest that they go through the recommended NCERT books from class 6th till class 12th. This will solidify your chances of breaking through the IAS examination.


Newspapers, magazines, and other sources of information are important while preparing for IAS examinations. Newspapers and various magazines provide the latest current affairs, which is the main and most important topic for the IAS examination. These sources provide all the latest information on the world and its happenings. A few magazines published by the government of India that IAS aspirants can subscribe to and which are useful for IAS preparation.

The next media that is important is articles. You can find tons of articles and blogs providing useful data and knowledge on IAS examinations. You even have access to articles written by current IAS officers and how they prepared for it.

You can find hundreds of videos on YouTube, which provide you a rehearsed environment of the IAS personal interview round. These videos are made to give the viewers a little peek at what happens in real interviews. I will suggest that candidates preparing for IAS go through all these sources to be completely prepared.

These were some additional sources of study for an IAS candidate.

This is it for now. I hope that you enjoyed my article. These were some proven ways of ensuring your status as an IAS officer.

Thank you for reading my article. I appreciate it.