Were humans that different from homo erectus

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West Africans, East, North Central, South, and India all connect to this. 

The Bea clan is found in Andaman Islands in India. You can discover these Twa bunches in Malaysia, Papua New Guinea an and the Philippines. 

To clarify the relocation that happened between them, I will separate it like this. 

Alright you had an early gathering that all Africans originated from, other than Nilotes and San. 

It was 3 separate movements, that relocated to India out of Africa. An early gathering of Twa called BT were the main migraions. They built up the C bunches in India. Which are related whith Aboriginal Australians, Native Americans, and Oriental Asians. Next came the D bunch related with the Bea and Jarwa Twa gatherings. Next clans relocated from focal Africa to Ethiopia and built up the E1b1b DNA. At that point these groupings relocated to India and are the most prominent gathering today in India. 


Dialects in the Andamans are thought to start from Africa. Some might be up to 70,000 years of age. 

"It is for the most part trusted that all Andamanese dialects may be the last delegates of those dialects which return to pre-Neolithic occasions," Professor Abbi said. 

"The Andamanese are accepted to be among our most punctual precursors." 

Boa Sr was a piece of this network, which is comprised of 10 "sub-clans" talking somewhere around four distinct dialects. 

"No human contact has been set up with the Sentinelese thus far they oppose all outside mediation," Professor Abbi said. 

The Bo dialect is only your customary Bantu dialect. So I was thinking about Whether the Twa initially spoke Bantu or not. Well this dialect returns to around 60,000 years. This equivalent dialect is found in Cameroon also. I could not discover any Igbo associations with the dialect, however there is two or three