West African migrations east pt 3

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West African migrations east pt 3


The fundamental Bantu clans in Kenya are Kikuyu.Meru.Kisii.Embu.Kamba.Luhya.Swahili.Mijikenda. In the event that you saw they have a clan called Meru or Ameru, and that was


the name of an antiquated city.Some state it was in Ethiopia, others state in Nubia, yet the capital moved from that area


to Nubia as Meroe. We discover the utilization of that naming all down in Central and south America, with African migrational discoveries in the Americas.


Presently one thing to take a gander at is to google these Bantu clans of Kenya. Presently take a gander at the pictures of every clan. Presently assume these pictures and position them alongside Egyptian


pictures. Do you see much distinction? That is the reason I push that Egypt was a Bantu clan. IMN-R,Amun-Ra, Amen-Ra, ImanRa=imanrwa=imandwa=imanrwanda=Imana, EMANRWA which deciphers God.


Imn R – was Egyptian preeminent God of the universe in whom Imn and Ra were blended; additionally vital divinity amid Theban amazingness. Imn or Amen is referenced in the Bible as the most extreme. (Rev. 3;14-15.)


Antiquated Tutsi's adored Imn-Ra (Amen-Ra). The term Amen-ra was articulated by Bantus and San/Twa individuals of east and focal Africa as Imanarwa or Imandwa. It was formally IMANA Y'IRWANDA. It remained


Imana even after European presentation of Christianity into the focal African region.People balanced in their method for love to suit to the new religion yet with comparable respect and unaltered regard to Imana..,


take note of that Christianity also applies term AMEN at each finish of each petition said! recommending that western religion is subliminally established in old African love of Amen Ra.


Imana/or "So be it" who old compositions depicted as the concealed one needed to converge with Ra,.. a piece of him that is as a star or Sun to show self in numerous life frames on earth.Without Ra, Amen can not be seen


or on the other hand show physically. At the end of the day, life on earth or anyplace else comparable known to mankind can not exist.Everything that exists on earth is Amen in physical frame by the power and will of Ra in a type of the Sun.It is the


motivation behind why Rwandans portray Ra as the maker in this manner Ra urema or R'urema/R'uhanga. On the off chance that the Sun bites the dust, Amen loses his appearances on our planet and life as we probably am aware it closes.


Other Bantu clans incorporate Baganda from the focal locale and, the Batooro, Banyoro, Bakiga, Bafumbira, Bakonjo, Bamba, Banyarwanda and Batwa from the western area, in addition to the Basoga, Banyuli, Bakenye, Bagishu, Bagwe, Bagwere from the eastern district. There are Bateso, Jopadhola and Karimojong, Kumam.


The Kikuyu have a long history in Ethiopia too, heres a few statements




African older folks are not in a rush with regards to revealing their history. After numerous long stretches of quietness, they are uncovering the proto-


Gikuyu similar to the present Kikuyu people group and who were known as " Kabiru" (Hebrew). They had originated from Baci ( Ethiopia ) at a place called


Hakum ( Axum ). They needed to leave Axum in light of the fact that Tunyaga (the general population of the Cross) or Nguo Ndune (the red outfit) had planned to take Managi


furthermore, Ikunjo (scrolls). In the disappear to shroud the fortune, war emitted and was battled through to Thagana ( Tana Island ). From Tana islands the


war entered Somalia drift, Kaya Forests down to Kwale. In Digo, a created contract enclose was broken to pieces. The first Managi was assumed


to have been separated into pieces to play the enthusiasm for the pursuit. The Seers state in spite of that, the war heightened as it took the course of


the terrain. The Kabiru briskly covered Managi and the looks covertly areas in Mount Kenya . They relate how the proto-Gikuyu settled down to


turn into the present networks around Mount Kenya . Others stayed behind in the zone of Coast Province . This war went on for two ages, it satisfied


the prediction of King David when he said "The Ethiopians will bring their hands up in petition to God". Generally speaking, they situated their ways to confront Mount Kenya and


in payers they raised their hands up confronting Mount Kenya . This helps one to remember the book of Exodus Chapter 19 and 20 in the Old Testament. cordiality of Mt. Kenya College of Seers


The examination of Kikuyus to the Jews may seem like an insignificant joke; be that as it may, a more critical investigate the transitory legends of the Kikuyus to their present area may really frustrate many.


History has it that the Kikuyus like other Bantu gatherings moved from the West Africa. In any case, the history isn't clear how the Kikuyu individuals in the long run settled on the zone around


Mount Kenya. All the more in this way, history propose that the Kikuyus pursued the equivalent transitory course that other Bantu gatherings pursued, that is along the incredible lakes by means of mount Kilimanjaro down to the drift.


That course does not comprehend how really Kikuyus in the long run settled on the foot of Mt. Kenya.


Be that as it may, some Kikuyu transient stories as described by the before ages creases to demonstrate that the Kikuyus may really have moved to their present area from a place called Axum in Ethiopia.


it is said that after the separation of Axum, the kikuyus moved southwards together with the pledge and shrouded it on Mt. Kenya, that is the reason they typically respected Mt. Kenya as a seat for their God.It is


a verifiable truth that the old Axum Empire was possessed by gathering of networks which had blood association with the Jews through the well known ruler of Sheba. All the more thus, the southward movement from Axum


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