West African migrations east pt 4

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West African migrations east pt 4


Kikuyus hunger for Business and venture is not just confined to the Kenyan Borders, their business insight extends over the world. Counting, far flung places, for example, USA, S.Africa, United Kingdom and so on.


Kikuyus have no crude want for power the main motivation behind why they wish to control political happenings is to guarantee that the business visionary soul in them isn't hosed via indiscreet and un - positive approaches or poor administration.


Source: African older folks.


There is a misguided judgment of by the essayist of this article Kikuyus originated from Ethiopia, yet still they are Bantus. Bantus are a people with the Congolese Pigmy quality and the Yoruba quality, following their lineage from


west Africa, and it can never be two different ways around. besides Ethiopians have a particular quality that is completely east African and however Kikuyus additionally have the quality, the Maasai have increasingly hereditary attribution to explicitly stick point


there cause some place around northern Kenya or Ethiopia considering Northern Kenya was a piece of Ethiopia. Ethiopians have no Bantu qualities, Maasai have least Bantu qualities for the most part from intermarriages with other Bantu gatherings. Kikuyus


have practically half bantu qualities and half east African quality and as we as a whole know, Kikuyus are a consequence of intermarriages and absorption to Maasais, Ogiek and Kalenjin clans which are the source toward the East African quality. They may have


likewise began from Tanzania in the south, and may have a background marked by intermarriages with the Sandawes who are much the same as south African bushmen and have the attributes that makes them unique in relation to other Bantu gatherings. In conclusion,


as Maasais have huge Hamitic quality, the Tusti to likewise having a similar quality, tall and with a custom of hopping which are significally Ethiopian characteristics, Kikuyus have no such properties, which may propose that they are


identified with the Nilotic Cushites bunches like Kalenjin and Ogieks.


Like, Old Egyptians, Kalenjin was a monotheistic culture. They put stock in one God who has such huge numbers of names. Asis is the god of the Kalejin. This is Isis. Asis or Aset among the Barabaig of Tanzania was accepted to be a lady. Other


names we brought from Egypt incorporate Illat-the God of Justice. Some other individuals later debased to Allah or Illay among the Somalis of Kenya and Ethiopia. Chebo-Amoni is another name of our god which the Greeks adulterated to Amoni.


The Kalenjin word osirun intends to revive, to wake up from rest or to cross an extension. Apeso is additionally the name of our Deity, known as Apis.


The Kalenjin used to allude to themselves as offspring of Miot or Myoot, referred to in Ancient Egypt as Ma-at, another god of Old Egyptians.


Presently take a gander at Serer clan or Jolof. They had indistinguishable kind of building styles from Kenya, and Ethiopia. The wide style hovels. In their oral convention they relocated from the East traveled north towards egypt, at that point took


the northern sahara course arriving in Mauritania, at that point in the long run landing furthur south in West Africa. There are numerous linkages to different parts of Africa, explicitly old Kemet, in the religion of Serer. It appears


conceivable that the Serer found the hallowed city of Kaon upon their landing in Sine – Saloum as a reproduction of the Egyptian city of a similar name. Furthermore, the name of the divinity Roog proposes Ra. For sure, Roog was frequently


supplemented by the national designation, Sen. Kemetologists have found in the Serer name Sar, a generally utilized Serer name, the possibility of honorability, in light of the fact that in old Kemet (Egypt), the term Sa Ra implied Son of God. The oral custom of the Serer expresses that they went from the Upper Nile to West Africa. One reason that Cheikh Anta Diop guaranteed that the Serer could dismiss Islam, being one of only a handful couple of African gatherings in the West African Sahel area to do as such effectively, may be a direct result of their solid association with their old religious past. Researchers have since a long time ago trusted that the course of the Serer from their old country in East Africa can be followed by upstanding stones found along the scope they headed out from East to West, from Ethiopia to the area of Sine-Saloum.


Connected to the religious convictions of the Serer is the way that their progenitors got through the Sudanese town of Tundi-Daro and raised upstanding stones in the state of a phallus and a female organ. It is trusted this was an agrarian practice that symbolized the custom association of the sky and Earth as an approach to bring forth vegetation, their little girl. The vegetation from this awesome association was an astronomical trinity that beholds back to the African trinity of Ausar-Auset-Heru. Consequently, the progenitors to the Serer cut stones of two sexual organs to welcome the divinities to couple and give them great harvests. It was the craving to guarantee material presence that drove people to this procedure of ritualizing the awesome association.


The Serer individuals still hold the divinity administration to the upstanding stones. At one time amid the fourteenth century, they planted pestles that were utilized as special raised areas for drinks, called dek-kur, by the Wolof who have blended with a considerable lot of the Serer. In fact, the possibility of dek-kur implies iron block or repository. The old town of Tundi-Daro implies, in Wolof, the slope of sexual association in a custom sense, confirming a significant part of the Serer oral convention.


On the off chance that you take a gander at The Dogon, they have the equivalent comparative building structures as Egypt. Their oral custom makes them make indistinguishable course from the Serer. Most specialists trust this course for clans were meet by different attacks of Egypt


so it made movements happen westbound.


When we take a gander at the relocation from Central Africa to east, we need to take note of that there was a blend of Bantu and Nilote societies. So when we take a gander at Egyptians, Berber, Nubians and so forth and so forth, its solitary 2 societies, or a blend of societies.


So your solitary managing 2 bloodlines. I think we over confuse Africa, and I imagine that is deliberately done through racial oppression.


We put extra marks on various clans and ethnic gatherings, as by the day's end we are not discussing a similar gathering of individuals. On the off chance that you complete a dna test it will demonstrate your dna everywhere on each area of Africa. That is not a mix-up


the test is demonstrating to you that you are a similar gathering of individuals. The manner in which dna works is you have parent dna, and you have kid and kin dna. so now on the off chance that you realize that, and I reveal to you that there are as it were


2 noteworthy groupings in bantu and nilotes, and the way of life blended, at that point wouldnt that imply that by the day's end you are simply taking a gander at a similar gathering of individuals? Presently you get some information about the Tamil and semetic blend?


Not to leave the Tamil, but rather they began moving out such a long time ago, and it appears as though the remainder of them moved out around 3000bc So yes they have their impact and were ace manufacturers., however once more


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