Does Twitter Automatically Loops Short Videos?

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Twitter Automatically Loops Short Videos

This week the Vine app has become Vine Camera after shutting down as Vine app officially. Twitter has announced that now it will automatically loop all videos shorter than six to five seconds only on its timeline. Twitter also claimed that this capability would be better than video clips shared from Vine Camera, and it will use to ones saved from other apps like Snapchat or others.

LinkedIn Formally Announces Redesigned Desktop Layout and Search Feature 

LinkedIn introduced a new officially rolling out the rearranged desktop interface that “brings communications and content to the top of the platform.” The completely revamped platform offers the users to “more easily share ideas, join a discussion and discover news and topics according to their taste” and aspects a streamlined navigation bar, a smarter messaging interface, a more productive and more related feed, intuitive search, and more. LinkedIn has acclaimed that the desktop redesign will be rolling out to all members worldwide in the coming weeks.

What do marketers want to know about new LinkedIn aspects here?

Pinterest Ad Campaign Structure

Pinterest ad Campaign Structure is offering more control over Pinterest campaign to companies and brands. Pinterest Business Account holders receive their notifications through email once ad groups are available to them.

 Top News of This Week

Top news of this week will be discussed in social media. Topics will be included, YouTube’s Super Chat and in-app messaging features, looping videos and other updates on Twitter, and Snapchat Universal Search.

More notable News by Google about YouTube

Google has made some important announcement about YouTube so that advertisers and agencies can take better measures to optimize their campaigns and access their visitors on YouTube across screens.

News about Facebook

According to another report, Facebook will replace Messenger interface for desktop with its Messenger interface, clicking on the Messenger icon on the right-hand side menu on Facebook. The responsive interface is like  But Facebook has yet not announced this development, formally.

Live Stories shared by Instagram

Instagram, a photo and video sharing platform, has currently extended these features to global specifically to the UK, Germany, France, Brazil, Canada, and Japan. As soon as the recording ends, these videos will disappear as they are fashioned to be ephemeral.

Twitter Incites Users to Post New Profile Pictures

Twitter incites users to post new profile pictures to bring a minor change in the profile picture. And that slight change will drive a lot of traffic on the account. The newly introduced features incite the users to share visual content in their tweet with an auto-filled New Profile Pic Hashtag. If they upgrade their profile picture, it gets a wholesome effect on engagement.  All Android users and IOS users are updated by information.

Brands and individuals create a list of Foursquare that prompts followers. Foursquare includes search functionality to its ministered list features. And the followers can easily find a keyword or brand at the top of the list tab in the app.

Google Obtains Twitter Fabric

Google is going to obtain Twitter’s mobile app developer platform, Fabric, along with with its Crashlytics reporting, Digits SMS login, FastLane improvement automation systems, and its Answers mobile app analytics. Fabric will join Google’s Developer Product Group and serve as an additional resource to “help developers build better apps and develop their business.” According to a report of TechCrunch, Twitter is “cutting non-essential divisions” like Fabric, it will maintain other developer-facing products that are directly joined to its business.

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