A Handy Guide to Unsecured Business Loans

Category: Finance


Getting a business loan has become easy and convenient for most business owners. No matter the size or type of business you own, you can get a loan for operating your business. You can use the funds to purchase new equipment or to expand the facilities. You can also use the funds to make salary payments or to pay off the short term liabilities. Unsecured business loans are an integral part of a business and banks as well as financial institutions offer the loans at friendly terms and conditions.

There are two types of loans- secured and unsecured. A secured loan requires you to hypothecate a property against the funds that are offered to you in the form of a loan. The amount of loan will depend on the value of the asset you hypothecate with the lender. An unsecured business loan, as the name suggests, is a loan which does not require you to hypothecate any asset for the loan. This means you can get funds without offering any asset in exchange of the same. It is a convenient and hassle free manner of raising funds for the business. The interest rate in case of an unsecured loan will be high due to the risk associated with the same. Any business owner can apply for a loan. All you need to do is fill up the application form and submit necessary documents with the same. The documents include a memorandum of association, details about all the partners, an income statement and balance sheet and a projected income statement and balance sheet. The lender will decide on the amount based on the profile of the applicant and based on your ability to repay the loan in due time. Business loans can help you take your business to new heights with quick access to funds. Your approval process will be quick if you have a positive credit score.

You can make use of the online calculator to estimate the amount of EMI payable each month. The calculator will require you to provide the loan amount and the tenure in order to get an estimate. Consider the monthly business outflows and then decide if you will be in a position to make the EMI payment on time. If you think that the EMI is very high, you can ask for a longer tenure. If you default in the payment of EMI, it could have an impact on your credit score. Hence, prepare a repayment schedule and stick to it. You also need to understand the terms and conditions of the loan before you sign on the dotted lines. Ask about any additional fees or charges that you might have to pay for. Scout the market and choose a reliable and trustworthy lender for your business loan. Since the loan is unsecured, the lender might have additional documentation requirement and you will have to adhere to the same. Make the right choice and take your business to new heights.