Bajaj Finserv EMI Network - Your Own Store For Easy Shopping

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Who does not to shop for their favourite electronics, gadgets, and a host of other products? We all do, but most of us don’t indulge in shopping due to an imbalance of the monthly budget.

Yes, if you decide to bring home your favourite products, it may end up hurting the monthly outlays. What’s more, if you are also paying any previous loan EMIs, it may become tough to manage everything in the month.

Nonetheless, the management of your monthly budget now need not hurt your desire of shopping for your favourite products. You can avail the services of the EMI Network and shop for your desired items on No Cost EMI.

Would you like to how the EMI Network will help you let you shop amazingly? Then, you should read this post.

Have you previously used the facility? And do you wanted to know how to unblock Bajaj EMI Card? We will also let you unlock it.

What is No Cost EMI?

The No Cost EMI facility is when you buy any product and spread its cost over a tenor. This way, you end up paying only the equal cost of anything divided into a tenor and nothing extra.

As a result, compared to other EMI modes, you end up saving on extra payment paid for converting a transaction into EMI.

Example – If you bought a smartphone for Rs.12,000 on No Cost EMI for 6 months. You only need to pay Rs.2,000 per month for the next 6 months and nothing else.

What is Bajaj Finserv EMI Network?

The Bajaj Finserv EMI Network is a payment system that lets you enjoy instant financing options. You get to enjoy a pre-approved limit of up to Rs.4 lakh to shop for all that you like on No Cost EMI.

It is the way to pay for your favourite items such as smartphones, appliances, electronics, groceries, clothes and more than 1 million+ other products.

How to Shop Across the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network?

Shopping via EMI Network is easy if you have the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card. People with a blocked card will first need to know how to unblock EMI Card before they can use it.

  1. There are 60,000+ local outlets available on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network across India in 1300+ cities

  2. You can walk into a store, select your desired items and swipe the EMI Network Card.

  3. Once done, you can walk out with your purchase

  4. Even if you don’t have an EMI Network Card, you can still shop on No Cost EMI

  5. All that you have to do is carry a cancelled cheque and your KYC documents to a registered outlet. After submitting at the store, you will get to enjoy instant in-store financing

How to Unblock Bajaj EMI Card?

Was your payment declined when you went shopping? Your EMI Network Card may have been blocked, and you need to know Bajaj EMI Card.

The primary reason why your EMI Network Card is blocked is due to any previous EMI bounce that happened for a loan that you availed earlier.

Other reasons why your card may be blocked

  • The bouncing of your EMI payment once or more

  • The lowering of your CIBIL Score (less than 750+)

  • Not paying your EMI by the due date

  • Delayed payments

If you want to know about EMI Card, then the simplest thing that you can do is pay off the due EMIs. Once done, your card will be activated in up to 15 days.

Even updating your ECS mandate will lead to the activation of the card in up to 45 days. You should also maintain your CIBIL Score by paying off all payments on time. It will help you keep your card unblocked and always active.

To know the status of your card activation, you can also check it online via the digital customer portal of Bajaj Finserv – Experia.

Bajaj Finserv EMI Network will also notify you via SMS on your registered mobile number. You also get confirmation about it on your MobiKwik app under the digital EMI card section.

You are now aware EMI Card and how to shop for your desires without budget issues on No Cost EMI on the EMI Network.