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There has been a substantial increase in robo-advisor and stock trading apps in recent years. While growing innovation and competition is great news for traders and investors, it can be challenging at times to decide which platform suits you best. To help evaluate the best stock market analytics apps in the industry, we have conducted extensive research and curated the best stock market app for you.

The growth of stock analytics apps and investment apps have coincided with the advancement of user preferences, with the increasing number of people opting for tablets or smartphones to manage their money. Stock trading and analytics apps have embraced this transition by minutely focusing on enhancing and improving their mobile app experiences.

The upgraded consistency between desktop or web and mobile provides investors and traders with a more synchronized experience with respect to watchlists, alerts, and updates. Moreover, it has also improved the ease with which an investor manages their money and monitor investment goals.

Why is stock market analysis essential?

The stock market analysis allows investors and traders to identify the real and intrinsic value of security before making an investment in that particular security. Stock analysts look at organization’s announcements and financial reports to conduct fundamental analysis. The purpose of this is to arrive at a price target or fair value, after which investors can be recommended a course of action (e.g., buy or hold).

Conducting research before making an investment is crucial. It is only after thorough research; an investor can make assumptions about the future performance and value of an investment. It is ideal to do some research and make investments that are sure to make maximum returns.

When you invest in an organization’s equity, you buy some portions of the company and expect to make money upon the increasing value of the organization. Therefore, it is crucial to analyse an organization’s business model, industry analysis, financial strength, management quality, growth analysis, valuations, and target price.

Doing all this research can be cumbersome. But, with a stock market analytics app, all this information is readymade and often tailormade for the investors.

StockEdge- The best stock market app

StockEdge is India’s best research and analytics platform. StockEdge is available in both web version as well as app. The premium analytics tools are found in both versions. It focuses primarily on equity stock market of both the National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange. StockEdge provides end-of-day analytics, which helps investors and traders to make better trading decisions. The notifications and visualizations enable stock market investors and traders to perform their own research and make sharp-witted judgements. The StockEdge app is available in both iOS and Android versions.

Overview of StockEdge

We will go over some of the important features and tools of StockEdge.

#1. Equities

Under this section, StockEdge provides information regarding various stocks and securities traded on both NSE and BSE. This section further contains Explore and Analytics segments.

The Explore section contains information regarding the fundamental aspect of the Indian stock market. A multitude of information regarding bulk deals, active investors, IPOs, and stocks is sorted by different sectors. In this segment, investors focus more on the intrinsic operations of the company than on the short-term performance.

In the Analytics section, one will find technically dense information. It has features like scans, strategies, and investor portfolios. Data in this segment is focused on price movement. Hence., this is more lucrative for traders.

#2. Daily Updates Section

This is the most sought-after and attention-grabbing section as it features the news. News regarding the capital and financial market is of utmost priority as an investor can make his trading decision by following the news. The news section provides information in a filtered and structured manner. Moreover, an investor wanting to do research on stock can get all the information regarding that stock by simply typing in the search box. News and information related to the stock of a day, 6 months, and even 2 years can be easily gained.

#3. Scans

Scans provide essential data to the investors. Through stock scanning, an investor can easily select stocks of his choice by selecting a set of criteria. An investor can choose from different industries and invest in stocks that are profitable and ought to give maximum returns. There are seven scanners to choose from.

  1. Price Scans- The charts on this scan are changed on a regular basis. This scan will further provide an investor with sub-scans such as Previous Day Breakout Scans, Weekly Breakout Scans, 52-week Breakout Scans, 1-year Breakout Scans, and even 5-year Breakout Scans.
  2. Volume and Delivery Scans- These scanners scan stocks in the BSE and NSE with high volume and delivery percentages. Moreover, this is an algo-generated scan.
  3. Technical Scans- StockEdge is undoubtedly the best stock technical analysis app. The technical scans conduct stock analysis and narrow down stocks for better investment through sub-scans such as Simple Moving Averages Scans, William %R Scans, Commodity Channel Index Scans, and more.
  4. Fundamental Scans- This scan allows analysing the financial and economic elements of a company through Profitability Scans, Solvency Scans, Valuation Scans, Cash Flow Scans, and Turnover Scans.
  5. Futures Scans- This scan analyses future derivatives and help traders make investment decisions.
  6. Options Scans- Options Scans feature Index Options Scans and Stock Options Scans.
  7. Candlestick Scans- Under this scan, you can get information on candlestick chart patterns for a specific stock an investor is searching for.

#4. FII/DII Activity

In this section, an investor will find the net buying or selling by the FIIs/DIIs on a daily basis. This is critical information, as FII/DII Activity reflects if the change has been in the options market, the futures market, or the cash market.

#5. IPO

This segment has all the upcoming, ongoing, and listed IPOs. An investor need not visit the NSE website for checking the current IPOs, and can easily find them on StockEdge now.

#6. Mutual Fund

In this segment, an investor will be able to choose the right mutual fund to choose from. Under the Explore section, the user will find options such as AMC, Schemes, Classes, etc., and in the Analytics section user will find options such as AMU Analysis and MF Investment Themes.

#7. My StockEdge

The MyStockEdge section is the “Users’ Section”. Individuals can create their own watchlists of different categories of stocks, scans, and investors using this feature. You can create “Watch Lists” and visit the “My Investors Group” where you will find stock market giants and track their daily activities.

Financial Bottom Line

StockEdge is a premium stock market app with supreme research and analytics tools that will assist an investor in making wiser trading and investment judgments. StockEdge Premium entails even finer and prime features and is available in Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly Plans. Visit their website to know about their plans and enjoy the exclusive tools of this exciting app.