Majority of people, who are invited to a wedding, go for the food (and of course to meet relatives as well). But the main focal point is good food, and why not, a wedding is supposed to be a celebratory feast. Therefore it is very important to ensure that food catering at the wedding is nothing but perfect. And when it comes to no vegetarians, the expectation is sky high.

A matching and satisfying guest expectation at a wedding where non-vegetarian food is served is surely not an easy task. Setting such kind of wedding buffet requires a lot of research and time, and time is a rare resource during wedding planning.

To help you out in saving time, we bring 9 food items (starters and main course) which will make all the meat lovers sing praises for the wedding.

1.      Chicken Tikka: A wedding which serves nonvegetarian food is incomplete without chicken tikka. There are 2 options available in a tikka, one is spicy and another one which is mild in flavor. We recommend you keep both as this will help give a variety to the wedding guests. This dish can be served both as a starter (dry) or main course (in gravy).


2.      Roasted Chicken: This dish gives major festive vibes and is a perfect choice for a winter wedding. Served at many weddings as the main course, it will attract guests like CRAZY. So make sure you hire best wedding caterers in Delhi, who know how to make it perfectly to the T. A pro tip, accompaniments like laccha pyaz and dahi-pudine ki chutney will be like an icing on the cake.


3.      Mutton/ Chicken Biryani: We cannot talk about Indian wedding without mutton or chicken biryani because this dish is legit! The whole world swears-by biryani, hence including it in the menu is obvious. The long-separated blossomed rice with spice flavored chicken or mutton will make the wedding memorable for guests.


4.      Fish curry: We couldn’t thank Goa and southern India enough for blessing us with this lip-smacking fish curry. Not a very common dish at a wedding (especially in North India), including it in the wedding buffet will bring a wow from the guests. But ask your food caterer to only use that fish which is locally available and freshly caught. Frozen fishes spoil the taste.


5.      Galouti Kebab: Kebabs so soft that will melt in mouth on the first bite. Yes, that is what galouti means, soft. This is made with minced lamb or chicken and mixed with the rich flavor of exotic spices like chili, turmeric, cumin etc. It is a perfect choice of starter for your wedding.


6.      Butter Chicken: It is not possible to talk about nonvegetarian dishes without a mention of utterly butterly delicious butter chicken. Tender pieces of chicken served in cream based tomato gravy topped with dollops of butter. Drool-worthy right? Same will be the situation of your guests when they’ll see butter chicken at the wedding buffet.


7.      Seekh Kebab: Getting its name from the method of cooking, it is finely minced chicken or lamb mixed with onions, garlic, coriander and cooked in hot tandoor on long sticks. Another great choice of a wedding starter served with lemon juice and laccha onions. What makes it even more delicious is the smoky charcoal flavor which gets infused in that minced mixture during the cooking process. Tastes like heaven on earth.


8.      Chicken Changezi: A spicy tomato-based chicken curry whose flavors are calmed down by the richness of milk and cream. This dish gets its name from legendary warrior Changez Khan and is very famous in North India, especially Delhi. Include this in your wedding buffet along with some khasta naan and trust us, guests won’t stop licking their fingers.


9.      Chicken Lollipop: Another major crowd pleaser is a Chicken Lollipop. Big pieces of chicken in lollipop style which are marinated in a curd based spice mix and cooked in high-temperature tandoor. The best form of wedding starter which will make guests say oh la la!


We hope after going through the above list of latest wedding food trends, you have now finalized what items will make it to your wedding buffet. The next task is to hire a food caterer who will make these meaty dishes finger licking well! For that, simply log onto which is India’s leading online wedding market. Here top food caterers in all the major cities are listed, just get in touch with the one which suits your requirements.