Importance of Food License in India

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What is a Food License?

The Food Standards and Safety Authority of India (FSSAI) is the supreme or i say only authority for regulating and governing the food safety in India.

If you wish to start a food business in India, whether its a big restaurant in a mall or a small shop in a market the most essential thing is that a food business operator (FBO) should apply and obtain a food license from the authority FSSAI.

In todays world when people are getting more and more educated they are preferring best quality foods for themselves as well as for their families.

Our younger generation who is very curious of their health now only prefer food from the shops or sellers which give best quality foods in terms of hygiene and others.

Also, nowadays online food delivery companies like zomato, swiggy and others have so much of valuable customers daily. They only allows those foods business restaurants and shops to register with them which have FSSAI food license.

FSSAI food license shows that a food business is genuine and offers best quality food and services.


Different types of food license are there for different food businesses.


FSSAI Central license: 

The Central license is primarily for the FBOs which has a turnover of 20 crores or more than that per annum such as large manufacturers, airports, seaports, export-oriented units, importers, etc. Central government issues this central license for the food business. Also, FBOs need to obtain one for the head office if they are operating in more than one state.

FSSAI State License: 

The State license is mainly for the firms which have a turnover of more than 12 lakh per annum such as transporters, marketers, storage units, retailers, small to medium-sized manufacturers, etc. The state government issues FSSAI state license and is given to the business which is operating in only one state.

FSSAI basic registration: 

FSSAI basic registration is for units with a  turnover of up to 12 lakh per annum like small-sized manufacturers, retailers, marketers, storage units, distributors, petty food manufacturers etc. State government issues the FSSAI registration.

Basic Documents Required:

  1. Aadhar Card. 
  2. PAN Card.
  3. Passport Size photograph.
  4. Water bill/ Electricity bill.
  5. IEC Code(for central license)
  6. CA declaration(if your turnover is 18 or 19 crores.

It is always advisable to have a food license from FSSAI. Most of the companies don not have a food license. If you have the license it will make you different from other food business which don not have the  license, hence it will nake your business successful. So, what is stopping you from getting a food license? Hurry....Get your fssai registration in india online a leading name in fssai license provider.

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