Now, with less effort, everybody wants to eat healthy, including natural and organic food in their diet. So, the demand for healthy food is growing, and food manufacturers are converging accordingly to deliver nutritious food for a healthy lifestyle. Food industry focuses on ready snacks and/or meals that reduce preparation time without affecting the nutrient content in the form of capsules, bars and shakes. Depending on consumer demand, portable alternative meals take over the shelves of the markets. Below are some examples of alternative meals that can be used as a source of complete nutrition in the form of shake, capsules, bar or tablets.

Soylent reformatted food which are available in ready to-drink bottles and customizable powders. These alternative meals contain 26 essential vitamins and minerals with plant-based proteins. A Soylent drink full fill all the requirements for balanced nutrition and can be used as a drink for skipping breakfast in busy schedule of life. All essentials nutrients of healthy diet are present in it. Soylent is plant-based protein product. Manufacturing of Soylent needs reduced water consumption. Other advantage of it include yearlong shelf life without the use of refrigeration and hence prevent food wastage.

Ketovenient is a naturally sweetened Keto Meal Shake which comes in delicious flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. It contains natural sugar such as erythritol, monk Fruit, and stevia which does not affect blood sugar level. This shake takes less than one-minute for preparation and keep sated for hours. Ketovenint comprises two types of proteins: Whey a fast digesting protein (20%) which sates hunger quickly and Casein slow digesting protein (80%) keep filling for longer. Additionally, these product don not need refrigeration, oil and any other medium for storage to increase shelf lives.

Queal (quick meal) provide a healthy and proper quick customized meal in the form of Bar, shake and nootropic stack. These foods are tasty, customizable according to liking, efficient and sustainable. 

These queal bars come in dark chocolate and nuts & seasalt flavors with high protein content, low sugar and gluco-fiber.

Organic Gourmet Food- This food is grown without any fertilizer and pesticides, so organic gourmet food is completely safe for human consumption. Food grown using pesticides may cause an array of health problems.

Huel is a complete meal which is nutritionally complete and convenient. We all are leading busy lives but not taking proper meal to maintain healthy and happy lives. So, this huel meal is right choice to save time and money. It contains right amount of useful nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, essential fats and minerals.

The various huel range available in the market are Huel Ready to drink, Huel Powder, Flavour boosts, Huel Bars, Huel Granula etc. Huel is made by blending ultra-fine sustainable ingredients. The main constituent of huel are oats, peas, coconut, flaxseed, rice, and unique mix of vitamins and nutrients to provide all the essential gradient body needs to thrive. Huel is a convenient and affordable food with minimal impact on animals and the environment.

Complete By Juice Plus is a beverage mix which is whole food based. Every scoop of it provides balanced nutrition. A variety of ways to use "Complete by Juice Plus" are healthy breakfasts, pre- or post - workout drinks, or late-night snacks. It comes with several variable combination to provide balanced nutrition which can be used as ready to eat meal for breakfast and late-night snacks. The nutritional content of complete by juice plus are protein, gluten-free, non-dairy product, low-glycemic, fiber, vitamin, minerals and vegan.

Conclusion: Alternative meal are still in controversies and its pros and cons are discussed in many forums.  Choosing the right alternative meal full of vitamins, minerals, and healthy nutrients are always in priority. The main uphill task in the future is to enhance consumer awareness for these alternative meals which is yet not up to the mark.

Frequently Asked Questions

With the high demand for healthy food, the food industry focuses on readymade snacks available in capsules, bars, and shakes. This can be prepared in less time without affecting the nutrient content of the food.

Yes, the combination of Food pills replaces the traditional meals. This gives an incredibly convenient way to lose excess body weight. But before you consume pills, do contact the experts.

Food supplements are meant to be used in addition to your diet. There are no pills in the market that can substitute all vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients found in vegetables.