5 Home Remedies for Hangovers

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Home remedies for hangovers will surely come in handy especially if you had one too many of liquor in the Philippines. These natural ways to combat hangovers will help you be in tip-top shape in the morning after. So you had a blast drinking all your troubles away with your friends from the night before, don’t be shy, everyone has gone through it. If you are still feeling under the weather, then let these home remedies take care of you. Here they are:


Drink loads of water

Staying hydrated while drinking alcohol is the best way to ward off a hangover. Drinking in between cocktails would prevent groggy mornings and sleepy evenings. Water will help in any period of drinking which means if you drink it before, during, and after a drinking session, this would still help you get over a hangover. Drink up and rehydrate, this will flush the impurities from your body.


An alternative to water would also be electrolyte-rich fluids like coconut water or sports drinks. You can also check them out because these will help restore the salt and potassium that you have lost due to heavy drinking.


Sleep in like a baby

Oftentimes, people can underestimate the optimum benefits of a great rest. Resting can give your body the opportunity to recover and nourish itself thoroughly. It is as simple as letting yourself doze off any chance you get. If you don’t feel like staying in and sleeping like a baby, you should still remember that an extra hour or two of sleep is enough to help you in nursing a hangover.


Use A Menthol Balm

When you hear the word hangover, you will immediately think of nausea, headache, and sometimes even muscle pain. It is typical to see menthol balms from your grandma’s medicine cabinet so you should borrow hers for a while. Menthol balms will help relieve tension headaches and keep your nausea at bay. Dab small amounts on your temples or on the back of your neck and massage it gently.

Eat Greasy Food

Apparently, a juicy cheeseburger is more than just a tasty treat, it is a great hangover cure as well. It is not limited to this fast food staple however; you can also seek out alternative means to grease up in order to cure a hangover. Traditionally, taking a spoonful of olive oil before drinking has been believed to be the primary weapon against hangover. If you do not have olive oil, then pizza and other fatty food will do.


Get Some Exercise

When you have a hangover, you just want to lay in bed all day and wallow in self-pity, right? Although this sounds very tempting, getting some exercise is the surefire way to deal with a hangover. It can help restore your body and mind to its original state. Exercising will increase your metabolism which will help get rid of toxins in your body at a much faster speed. However, you should not engage in a high intensity work out. Just a brisk walk or a little stretching will do.


Key Takeaway

Having a list of home remedies for hangover will greatly aid your recovery after a crazy night of partying. You could try these tips the next time you’re feeling a little weak because of the best-tasting liquor in the Philippines. Always drink responsibly!