5 quick & effective relief efforts for dry eye syndrome

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Dry eye syndrome is a common condition that occurs due to the inability of the tears to provide sufficient lubrication to the eyes. There are many cause of dry eye syndrome but the good news is that it can be managed successfully. It is important to consult a doctor if you experience dryness, burning or stinging in your eyes and treatment is possible depending on the cause and severity of the condition.

Proper treatment for dry eyes can provide comfort and help to control the symptoms like discomfort, blurry vision, sensitivity to light and redness. However, the doctor will also advice some lifestyle changes as in most of the cases, patients suffer from dry eyes as a result of staring at computer screen for long hours, riding a bike or flying and even while sitting in an air conditioned room.

Here are some quick and effective modes of treatment to deal with dry eye syndrome:

Medicines that reduce eye inflammation

Due to inflammation on the edge of the eyelids, oil glands cannot secrete oil into the tears due to which you feel dryness in eyes. The doctor will recommend medicines such as antibiotics to reduce this inflammation so that oil reaches the eyes and keeps them lubricated. Antibiotics can be taken orally or in form of eye-drops or ointments for effective relief.

Eye-drops to stop cornea inflammation

Often times, inflammation on the eye surface, also known as cornea has to be controlled by specific eye-drops recommended by the ophthalmologist. These drops contain immune–suppressing drug cyclosporine (Restasis) or corticosteroids that help in such condition. However, it is essential to know that corticosteroids should only be used as per doctors instruction as their long term use can result in side effects.

Eye inserts

For people who suffer from moderate to severe dry eye syndrome, eye inserts are a possible option. Just like a clear grain of rice, this hydroxypropyl cellulose is inserted between the lower eyelid and eyeball and it dissolves slowly, releasing an eye lubricating substance to relief dryness.

Drugs for tear stimulation

There are certain drugs that help to increase tear production. Known as cholinergics (pilocarpine, cevimeline), these drugs are available in form of pills, gel or eye-drops and help patients suffering from symptoms of dryness in eye.

Blood serum drops

These eye-drops are made from the patients’ blood and they are called autologous blood serum drops. They are the last option in case the patient does not respond to any other treatment for eye dryness. The doctor will take a sample of your blood and remove red blood cells from it, mixing them with a salt solution to make eye-drops.

Dry eye syndrome can be a painful condition if left untreated as eyes are the most important organ of our body that enable us to see and add colors to our world. It becomes necessary to seek a doctor’s help and follow the prescribed treatment to enjoy clear and painless vision. Lifestyle changes combined with treatment can provide effective and quick relief from dryness of eyes. It is best to follow the doctor’s recommendation regarding medicines and use them as consistently and frequently as directed.