It’s easier to face the hardships of life when your love ones are there for you. If an individual suffers from an illness, the first ones to assist him in his situation is his dear family. That is why many people are counting on family members and relatives especially if they’re going through a difficult phase.

What happens if you’re diagnosed with bipolar mood disorder? Just as the word suggests, it’s a mood disorder. For some time, you might have observed your mood swings. Oftentimes, other family members can notice these things easily but they don’t give it much importance. When the behavior becomes radical, this can already cause a disruption in the family or even at work.


Whenever you have an episode, you will likely do abnormal things, and you can even hurt your love ones. You tend to make wrong or bad decisions which are hard to fix. Trying to pick-up pieces after an episode is really hard. This is probably why most bipolar patients want to isolate themselves and are ashamed to come face to face with their family members and friends. But isolation will only make things a lot worse.

Instead of closing your doors to the people that greatly cares and loves you, you have to reach out to them. Reach out to the people you’ve hurt and try to explain what happened. Making apologies is the best way and tell them that you’re already seeking help.

PanceaPGx healthcare industry is best about bipolar disorder treatment.  Once a person is diagnosed with the disorder, his or her instant reaction is to deny it and not inform others. Sharing the knowledge of the disorder with others can be very hard. And not every bipolar patient thinks of it as an excellent idea. But with the aid of your therapist or doctor, you can arrive at a better decision.

Keeping things secret is not good, especially if it’s about bipolar. In fact, it can be very harmful in the long run. It would be better to inform trusted family members and friends so that they will understand the situation.
Bipolar disorder can greatly affect an individual, and the worst thing that can happen is suicide.

There are facts that you need to be aware of if you have bipolar disorder like:

1. Suicide attempts usually occur during mixed or depressed episodes
2. Some suicide happens during or after coming out a mania or depressive episode; and this happens when the patient is feeling a lot better
3. 25 to 50 percent of bipolar patients attempts suicide at least once
4. One out of five bipolar patients commits suicide
5. Patients who misuse drugs and alcohol are at a greater suicide risk

If a bipolar patient has suicidal tendencies, his condition requires control of the symptoms. Suicidal thoughts are not really ‘you’ as a person, but can be associated with the symptoms of bipolar disorder. This is a sign which means that you need professional attention. The thoughts will not go away alone, what you need is a proper treatment and/or medication.

As part of a treatment regimen, you need to build your own support network. You have to use your available resources to get a good start. Your support foundation can consist of family members, friends, therapists, doctor, and members of the community (local or national). You’re at the community’s center and acts as a driving force. You can build or maintain this community with the support of the people around you.

Your support group knows your feelings and thoughts. These people have encountered and struggled with the same problems. People with the same disorder can give you practical advice and support. They will teach you coping skills, how to open up, and understand your situation completely. You can also arrange for a meeting with fellow bipolar patients.

You can get bipolar disorder genetic testing from best labs. You must remember that treatments and medications are greatly needed in your condition. And to make things a lot better, finding a support group can help you in living a normal life. Don’t sulk in your home. There are a lot of people out there who cares about you. All you have to do is to reach out to them, make them feel that you’re exerting an effort to make things a lot better for you, your family, and the community as a whole.