Five drinks to admired during the summer season

Category: Health


The scorching heat of summers is well on its way! It is the time of dehydration, sapping energy levels and even heat stroke. Thankfully there is a collection of some refreshing drinks having numerous health benefits. Let us go through them as follows

Aamapanna along with fizz

Eagerly waiting for summers! Every Indian household has their homes loaded with raw mangoes and on top of that raw pickles and sauces. A drink which makes the summers easy is AamPanna and an element of zinc is added to it.

For this drink you need to cook mangoes in a pressure cooker and once they cool down take out the pulp. Then blend it with salt and sugar. Just refrigerate the paste and take time to make a glass of panna. Add some black pepper powder and some soda to it. Before the soda fizzles have the drink. Raw mangoes are known to prevent heat stroke. As part of train food this drink is served.

Angoor sherbet

During summers we can avail ripe juicy fruits. An amazing feeling exists where we can use each of them and make an amazing drink. A personal favourite of mine is black grapes drink.

Black grapes seedless and add some sugar, mint leaves, a tinge of salt and ginger. Through a sieve you have to stain it to obtain smooth syrup. 1/3 Th of the glass has to be filled with this and add soda. With crushed ice serve it.

Beetroot chaas

During summers chaas is a common drink. In some hot regions of the country before having food chaas is a mandatory drink before having food. Not only it serves as a coolant but it contributes to better digestion. What would be the case if we go on to present this drink in bright colour with a host of health benefits.

First the beetroot has to be boiled and then the skin is to be peeled and when it is cooled chop it. To achieve the desired levels of consistency mix water and yoghurt together. If yoghurt is not good enough you can always use butter milk. The beetroot is to be blended and the requisite paste is to be whisked for the diluted yoghurt. Put ginger, curry leaves and thadka of mustard seeds and add green chillies on to it. You need to heat the drink for 30 minutes and then cool it down.

Rosemary lemonade

If you are having a party at your home lemonade is an easy option to dish out for the guests. You can add a tinge to this drink by adding herbs like basil or rosemary as a unique test is provided to the drink. Once you dissolve, add 3 sprigs of rosemary. Just allow it to cool and then serve it with ice.

These are some of the common summer delights dished out during the hot summer months. Not only it makes you cool, but is related to various health benefits.