My 10 months journey to labor and beyond

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It was one of the most joyous news which the doctor told us during a checkup in the 2nd month of our wedding. Our expectation was fulfilled in a short period of time without much of a wait and we were thankful for that. It was like a dream come true moment for both me and my husband. Our entire family was so excited to hear the news and the next few days there were multiple guests and poojas happening in the house. Everything was so perfect. But now, there were few changes happening in my body and I was really confused about the symptoms of the symptoms. This is all new mom-to-be’s should be aware. These symptoms when they occur can actually disturb us a lot and put us into a state of depression called the prepartum depression which most of us do not wish to talk about. This could be a surprise and a completely opposite state to what we were exposed to but then this is the reality. Since I was advised by a friend of mine, visited one of the best maternity hospitals in Mumbai for my regular checkups.

I could say that was one of the best decisions taken as the timely advice and care helped me cope up with my mood swings. The next trimester is where the actual changes were visibly taking place and this is when it became a lot difficult to cope up with my regular activities. With the growing dumb, even drinking water seemed risky. But again, a lot of reading and along with my gynecologist advice helped in understanding the changes better and I actually started creating an environment for my body to help itself better. Morning walks and yoga become an essential part of my which even today I find difficult quitting it. Here are some of the things which you should be paying attention to while you are pregnant:

1. Do not get bedridden as it will cause a lot of harm than you could ever imagine. 

2. Eat healthy food and never hesitate to ask what you want. A happy mind is an essential part of a healthy pregnancy

3.  You might need to change your sleeping position for the better good of the baby and do sleep for a solid 8 hours as it is very essential for the growth of the child. 

4. Ask as many doubts as possible to your doctor and do not live with your doubts and trouble your mind.

5. Physical activity is very important for a healthy pregnancy. You can start walking in the morning or in the evening and it is always good to take a person along with you in case of any emergency that might occur in the least possible cases. 

6. Drinking tea and coffee should be kept under a check. 

7. If you are into smoking and drinking, please quit. 

It was the D-day. My bundle of joy came into the world and I still remember the first cry. We were blessed. I was an ambitious mom who did the perfect thing for my child. We frequently searched for best pediatrician near me open today and tomorrow till we got settled into a good hospital for my baby which is very important for his or her healthy upbringing.