What Is IVF And How Much Does It Cost In Delhi

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IVF is one of the advanced processes which helps those couples who can't conceive naturally. In India, more than 2 lakhs IVF cycles are performed every year, and according to several reports, this ratio may increase up to 5 lakhs annually in the future.

According to the All India Institute Of Medical Science (AIIMS), more than 10-12% of couples across our nation can conceive naturally, but other IVF centers in Delhi and other cities reveal that more than 10-15% of couples can't have their baby naturally.

Today in the India article, we will be discussing the IVF treatment and IVF cost in Delhi. So keep reading this article till the end, and leave your comment and question. I'll try to answer all your question.

Delhi, the nation's capital, hosts many people across the country. The medical facilities are also excellent, so people across the nation come here to get IVF treatment. If you and your loved ones are seeking IVF treatment, then share this article with them.

This article will help them understand the basis of this process and the average IVF cost in Delhi; thus, they can have their baby at an affordable price and enjoy their parenthood.

IVF Is A Medical Process In Which Doctors Takes Out Egg Cell From The Ovary And Fertilize them By Injecting A Single Sperm Into The Egg Or By Mixing The Egg With Sperm In A Petri Dish. Now, After The Fertilization, The Fertilize Egg (Called As Embryo) Transfers Into The Uterus.

This is one of the trusted methods to have a baby if the couple cannot conceive after regular or unprotected vaginal intercourse. You can Google condition when you can seek IVF treatment, and I can't discuss that in detail here; this post is all about IVF and IVF cost in Delhi.

 In the above section, I've elaborated on what IVF is now; let's discuss IVF cost in Delhi and a few factors which may influence the IVF cost. But tabulating the IVF cost was tough for me, so I searched for the best IVF center in Delhi and connected with Delhi's trusted IVF center, Baby Joy IVF, and a few other infertility centers.

Those IVF centers helped me to tabulate the IVF cost in Delhi. Check the below-listed table for the IVF cost in Delhi.

IVF Cost In Delhi

There are a few other processes your doctor can adopt in IVF treatment, which vary from patient to patient. So consult the best IVF centre in Delhi and only proceed with the IVF treatment. Now check the IVF treatment price below in the table.




Rs. 68,00/-


Rs. 8,000/-


Rs. 25,000/-

Embryo Freezing

Rs. 25,000/-

Frozen Embryo Transfer

Rs. 40,000/-


Note- This price is just an estimation, and these are subject to change according to the other health condition.

The IVF center offers a few other services free of cost, while the IVF treatment is first ultrasound, first health check-up, and first consultation. These are complementary, and this may vary from IVF center to IVF center.