Know These Different Types of E-Cigarettes

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E-cigs have been around for a decade now. New brands and improved versions of old ones are going to the market every month. Even more frequent lately, and at an overwhelming rate. E-cigarette types as per their look, size, and battery limit

Three gatherings here: cig-alikes, medium size (pen-style) and APVs.



They are the original of electronic cigarettes, still very famous for clear reasons - they emulate the look of real cigarettes, however, a large portion of them are somewhat bigger and somewhat heavier.

Numerous people are visual types - it's impossible for them to have anything like smoking experience when they hold an eGo or APV which look nowhere near a real tobacco cig.


Medium size e-cigs (pen style)

These are the second generation of e-cigs resembling a pen, some of them very much so. Most famous is eGo style which comes in more versions (VV-variable voltage, Twist, eGo-T, eGo-c).

Average size e-cigs are the most financially savvy of assorted types. You could save much - up to 85% of your cigarette expenses with standard eGo-s, EVODs, iGo-s, KGo-s, and comparable types. We have calculated our funds - around 65%. Not terrible by any stretch of the imagination.

Variable voltages are more convenient so you can combine them with more clearomizers and tank whose resistance range varies. However, they do spend more e-juice, yet not nearly as much as the newer models of advanced personal vaporizers or APVs.

Generally heavier and bigger, with larger battery limit, running from 450 to 1100 mAh, these e-cigarettes offer more customizable experience. You need e-fluid, of course. They enable you to blend flavors, nicotine strengths and PG-VG* proportion yourself, until the point that you find exactly what you love. There are so many good E-cigarette online suppliers Dubai.

(*PG=Propylene glycol and VG=Vegetable glycerin. Any or both make the e-fluid base.)

Here you can see some of mine in the pic 2 and 3 above. I used them day by day and my favorite suppliers are Smoker's Angel (Ecigarettedirect from UK) and Apollo (UK and US).


APVs - Advanced Personal Vaporizers

The third type which has appeared recently comes in a variety of shapes and sizes - from the screwdriver to little boxlike doohickeys. It's APV - advanced personal vaporizer, loved by e-cigarette specialists. It has stronger batteries, variable setting features and every one of the bells and whistles out there. You'll see some below.

In recent years, another style of vaping emerged, DL or direct lung, whereby you inhale the vapor that goes directly into your lungs without lingering in the mouth like exemplary mouth to the lung (MTL) vaping that simulates smoking does. With it, a new device like you can see in initial two pics below was created with tanks containing sub-ohm loops. That means loops the resistance of which is below 1 Ohm.


Which type?

The vast majority presumably choose between the initial two. In case it doesn't work for you, take a peek at Apollo e-cigs' Tube (both UK and US).

It is entirely up to you – for instance, some people wouldn't fret vaping a pen-style e-cig since it has a stronger battery and more customizable alternatives. Others, more visual types, prefer the exact cig look to whatever else.


Number of parts - a few

Each e-cigarette comprises of a battery, atomizer, and cartridge. In numerous new models, atomizer and cartridge are made together into one section: cartomizer.

Recently, cartomizers have been more and more replaced by clearomizers - transparent tanks with a tube in the middle.


E-cigarette types, as indicated by battery mode


Programmed – has a LED light at its end that is consequently lit when you inhale. Some people think that it is more convenient because it doesn't require any extra action. Most cigalikes are programmed, albeit some of them are manual (you'll recognize that one by a visible catch on the battery top.)


Manual – Most eGos, all EVODs, and Spinners (essentially moderate size batteries) have manual battery mode. I've seen just a few moderate size batteries with the programmed mode. You have to press the LED catch and hold it while you inhale. This permits you more authority over your vaping.

Meanwhile, as this industry is making its seven-mile strides, something new has developed: double mode battery. Simply take a gander at Vapor Zeus battery from Vapor4life: double mode e-stogie. Manual and programmed work are interchangeable on this device. Tap the picture to read our review of this pack.


E-cigarette types as indicated by re-convenience of their components

There are

a) Completely disposable models - the best choice for social smokers, beginners experimenting with new e-cig brands or a wonderful present to any smoker.

b) Electronic cigarette with a rechargeable battery however disposable cartomizers - middle of the street variation. We are discussing the cig carbon copies for the most part. In the event that you smoke yet would prefer not to bother with refilling’s, e-liquids, bottles with needles etc., this one is for you.

They are generally offered in packs, with or without a month to month membership for refills. The price of electronic cigarette pack varies depending on its contents and whether you make a month to month membership or not. Some suppliers offer starter units for free in the event that you subscribe. It is advisable to purchase a little unit first. It's easy to purchase everything else or enter membership program later on the off chance that you need to. An extra battery or two dependably comes in convenient. There are so many Online vapor E-liquids suppliers are in Dubai.

c) e-cigarettes of the newer generation (medium size, pen-style) have a rechargeable battery and refillable cartridges or cartomizers. What's more, you likewise need to purchase e-fluid. Heavy smokers passionately embrace them and wouldn't fret spending a minute to refill.