Learn To Dress Appropriately For Formal Events

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When it comes to formal occasions, it can be a bit confusing to decide what to wear. Many people struggle with the thought of what would be appropriate for the occasion and what would not. Obviously you can’t just wear anything and attend a formal occasion, yet you will also not want to wear the same piece of clothing to every single time just because you don’t know what would be fine to wear. Formal parties or meetings have an underlying dress-code that people need to abide by; otherwise you will be creating a negative impression on the minds of the people.

Any office environment or special event requires special women’s apparel. The formal parties are also of various types which require different kind of dress-code and you need to figure out which one you are going to attend and dress accordingly. As it can be quite difficult to differentiate between all these complicated notions, here is a guide to help you out.


Though it might be mentioned that it is a casual business party, but that doesn’t mean that you can show up in your favourite street wear. You can rather wear jeans, khakis, t-shirts and corduroys. You must remember that if someone has the time to designate a dress code, then you have to give some thought on what you should wear. If you are planning to wear jeans, then they should be sparkly clean and without any tears. The fitting should neither be too tight nor too baggy. The top should be free of wrinkles and you should most probably avoid wearing any kind of jerseys and graphic t-shirts.

Business casual

The term business casual can have different meanings depending on the person. So, if you are too much in doubt, they you should probably check with the human resources or the organizer of the function. In a typical business casual event, you are allowed to wear comfortably tailored clothing. The kind similar to what you would wear when you go to see your boyfriend’s mother or even to a church. Jeans are in no way appropriate, but you can wear chinos. The top you choose to wear should be better tailored than any of those slouchy t-shirts.

Business professional

You need to wear a well-tailored suit or matching separates to a business professional event. You can opt for bright colours and patterns as long as they are paired with good quality fabrics and a perfectly tailored silhouette. You might choose to wear pants, skirt or even a dress, but you need to have a jacket along. Conservative shoes are also a requirement.

Business formal

A conservative work environment requires you to wear business formal attire. This type includes all the clothing that is extremely modest and neutral. You suit should consist of pants or skirt and a jacket. You can wear a shell or turtleneck under the jacket occasionally, but only if the fabric is of professional material. In case you are confused, you can just play it safe and stick to simple button-downs in neutral hues.