The ABC of Lehengas – All That You Must Keep In Mind

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As Anushka Sharma had very blatantly and honestly said in Band Baaja Baaraat that whether it’s the season of recession or the season of inflation, Shaadi is that integral part of the Indian society that will take place, no matter what. So what is that main ingredient that makes any wedding worth it? Well, the natural guess would be the bride and the bridegroom obviously. But there is one more core ingredient that makes all the shaadis so glamorous. It is what the bride is wearing.

Back in the times when Jodhaa and Akbar tied the knot, lehengas have been in vogue, and why not? They are classy, regal, and dazzling to say the least. While lehengas constitute the heart of any wedding, it is not just limited to weddings anymore. The trends have changed and so have the styles in which women choose to dress. Most women have moved away from the conventional dressing style and have made friends with innumerable new designs of lehenga that are now available on a wide scale all over.

The wedding is that day of your life about which you had been dreaming since school, and when finally the D day arrives, a lot of anxiety mixed with some emotional turbulence takes you over. However, that is nothing to deter you from looking your best. After all, we all saw how Deepika Padukone won a thousand hearts with her gleeful smile on the day of her wedding. Of course, it was the charm of her loving husband, Ranveer Singh, but let us not forget the magic created by Sabyasachi in the dress she wore. We are certain her glow and glamour had a lot to do with what she was dressed in.

Here are some of the nitty gritty that can be kept in mind while dressing yourself up in a lehenga. Be it a party lehenga or the one for your wedding, following these will definitely make you look like the world is your very own runway.

Be careful about the fabric

Being dressed in a lehenga gives you a majestic look, no doubt. And you surely would not want that regality of your look to be diminished in any form. So be a little meticulous while choosing the fabric of the lehenga. Silk lehengas are extremely beautiful and are available in abundance. If you are comfortable with the silk lehenga and can carry it off with grace, then you have won half the battle. However, if you think managing a silk lehenga is difficult, you can go for another fabric for party wear lehenga, which is the cotton lehenga. Given the challenging climate of India, cotton is the safest option for a lehenga and it blends well with other fabrics like chanderi and voile and lends you that mesmerizing aura.


Don’t go overboard with the jewelry

Party wears lehenga or a bridal lehenga is a story in itself. You probably would not want to overdo and maintain the subtlety of the story. So, you ought to be choosy and picky about the jewelry with which you embellish yourself. If you are going for a heavy neck piece, which matches with your lehenga, try not going for equally heavy earrings with the same. This is most applicable to the brides. Brides have to go through a series of rites and rituals on their wedding. As the lehenga has some weight of its own, it is best not to add to that weight by heavy jewelry.


The blouse be your best friend

You will be spoilt for choices when it comes to that perfect blouse for your dream lehenga. So make sure you do not settle for anything less. Right from the classy V neck brocade blouse, which never goes out of fashion, to the bold off shoulder blouse to match your lovely lehenga, there are innumerable choices. If the blouse fits you perfectly, then it not only accentuates your assets, but it also makes you comfortable in what you are wearing.


Choose the lehenga according to your body type


Gone are the days when you would just have the traditional style of lehenga. This is the age of varieties and you are doing it right unless you get to choose from thousands of lehengas. If you follow Sabyasachi on Instagram, you will be amazed to see the myriad varieties of lehengas that are in vogue now. If you want to go for the party wear lehenga, then you have the innovative variety of lehenga saree, which is a perfect blend of a saree and a lehenga. Other than that, you get to choose from multiple types of lehengas that are there, like the fishtail lehenga, sharara lehenga, or the traditional lehenga choli.


That makeup should not appear made up

Dressing up in lehenga does not mean that you put cakes of makeup to hide that blemish. Going for smoky eyes paired with a moderately dark shade of lipstick is the safest option. However, if you want a bolder look, you might want to match your make up with your lehenga and see what goes with the contrast.

Having said all of it, what matters the most is how confident you are in carrying off what you are wearing. If you are the bride, then you ought to remember that you are the soul of the affair and your happiness will be reflected in your eyes.