Tips to decorate home with Balloons for Holiday Celebrations

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Christmas is all about decorating our homes and bringing festive feels to our home. We get so excited about decorations but also at the same time we are so confused because we want different decorations every year and we have run out of the ideas. Balloons are one of the jolliest decoration supplies and can be the best for Christmas decoration. Also, the balloon can easily make an empty space look filled with its presence. Nowadays we have got so many different types of balloons that we can use them for various decorations.

Here we are with tips to decorate your home with balloons for Holiday Celebrations.

1. Balloon Lights Garlands

Balloons Light Garland

Nowadays we can find light balloons in the market so you can easily make a garland of balloons by attaching all those balloons with the help of strings and decorate it around the television set or center area of your living room. You can also take a normal balloon and place a fairy light on its end and cover it with a plastic cup, this light will make the balloon illuminated. Join the balloons with the help of fairy lights here; your balloon lights garland is ready. Send Congratulations balloons to your dear ones greet them with these jolly creatures.


2. Balloon Xmas Tree

Xmas Tree with Balloons

If you are bored of the usual pine cone Christmas tree, go for a unique Christmas tree this holiday season. You have to inflate different sizes of green balloons. Now start from the bottom and with the help of string or adhesive stick the balloons to the poles. The bigger balloons should be at the bottom reducing its size as they come higher like a Christmas cone-shaped the tree. Now top this balloon Xmas tree with inflated golden star Mylar balloon. Also, attach some tiny metallic golden and red balloons like we hang metallic balls on Xmas tree.


3. Door Balloon Wreath

Balloons Door Wreath

Take green and other colored balloons with co-ordinated with the traditional Christmas wreath. Now take a wire or something and turn it into a circle. Attach the balloons to it with the string. You can add little red balloons to the wreath which resembles red cherries. You can also decorate it with other accessories like bows and artificial greenery. This can be hanged at your windowsill or at the entrance gate. Your guests will be surprised at your creativity.


4. Snowman Designed with Balloons

Snowman With Balloons

This is quite simple and funny. Inflate so many white balloons and with the help of pole make a structure of balloons like a snowman. For the upper part that is the face of the snowman using a bigger balloon. Now with the help of black or orange marker draw its eyes, nose, and mouth and also the buttons of his cardigan. Take a scarf and place it around his neck, to complete the looking place a lightweight hat on the head of the snowman.


5. Candy Shade Balloons

Cany Shade Balloons

The striped candies are so much popular at Christmas. Likewise, we have balloons with white dots on the balloons that resemble these candies. You can decorate your Xmas tree; make a doorway, a photo booth and so many balloon arts with these candy shade balloons. The striped peppermint candy balloons are also available online so decorate your houses with them and let kids go gushing over these Christmas decorations.


6. Secret Message on Balloons

Secret Message on Balloons

This is a very beautiful and unique idea to convey your emotions to your loved ones on this festival of Christmas. You can add chits written of messages inside the balloons and gift them to your loved ones. You can also write a message on balloons with the help of markers and alphabet confetti. Send balloons to your loved one and convey your feelings.

So enjoy this Holiday season with budget friendly, festive, cheap and versatile Christmas decoration supplies.

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