Useful Wedding Photography tips

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Bengalis are known to be intelligent and creative and their weddings reflect the same. Bengali wedding is luxurious, glamorous, exuberant and culturally rich. Put your innovative ideas and effort into each detail at the time of planning your wedding photography. In order to select the best Bengali wedding photographer, do a research on the top wedding photographers of Kolkata. Apart from selecting an efficient photographer, there are some necessary steps you can use to guarantee fantastic photos.

 Useful Bengali wedding photography tips for brides:

Make your wedding photographs unique and creative. Follow some useful steps to fulfil your dream.

1. Develop a mood board:

The photographers need to understand your interests, preferences, and personalities if you want to receive personalised photography service from them. The best way to communicate your style to the photographers is to develop a mood board. It is generally developed in an application like Pinterest or on a website.
One can save the photographs he likes or the photographs he does not like. It will help the photographers understand what type of photographs theywant from the photographers.

2. Schedule an adequate amount of time for every section of the day:

Develop a timeline for the wedding day and you can take help from your wedding planner as well. Estimate both start time and end time for makeup, hairstyle, decoration and so on. Allocate sufficient time for your wedding photos and the photos must include the first look photos, ritual photos, group photos, etc.

3. Plan a pre-wedding photo-shoot by the same photographer:

You may think that the pre-wedding photo shoot is an additional headache for you. However, there are reasons for planning a pre-wedding photo-shoot. It helps you know the photographer and feel comfortable with them. You will also come to know about their style of their photography and they will understand what you expect from them.

4. Set the right kind of lights at your wedding:

Even though it is the photographers' job to click amazing photographs irrespective of the lights, you have a duty of making the wedding venue less challenging for them. Do not use blue-green or red lights on the evening of your wedding. All of these colours can significantly damage the skin texture. These lights can spoil the beautiful memories of your special day. Warm white lights are the most suitable ones for the wedding photographs. Yet, if you are planning to use red, green or blue lights on the wedding, make sure they do not fall on the faces of your guests.

5. Practice a trial session:

It is a good idea to try some poses with the photographers before your wedding to find what is the best for you. Locations need to be tried and tested so that you do not face any issue at the time of wedding photography.

6. Discuss the rituals with the photographers:

In Bengali weddings, several rituals like Gaye Holud, Bor Baran, Saat Paak, Subho Drishti, Mala Badal, Sampradan, Sindoor Daan and many more take place. Talk to the photographers and clearly mention the rituals they need to capture.

7. Discuss the budget with the photographer:

Every person wants the budget for wedding photography to be affordable. However, the budget for wedding photography is generally expensive. Therefore, do a proper research to select a photography agency which suits your style and budget. Talk to the photographers before the wedding and get an idea about the price range of different packages.

8. Hire wedding photographers and videographers from the same photography agency:

It is a good idea to hire both the wedding photographers and the videographers from the same photography agency. One of the most significant reasons for selecting the same company is the common style and vision. There are some companies which provide discounts when a client book both photography and videography services from the same company.

The photographs of your wedding are eternal! You want to cherish those photographs even after thirty years. Therefore, talk to your photographers and make them understand your expectations regarding wedding photography.