Limestone is one of the most beautiful natural stone available for styling the house and kitchen. When used in the house, limestone can enhance the appeal and add to style quotient remarkably.

There are many kinds of stones available in the market to choose from, but natural stones stand out amongst all. Limestone is also a natural stone that has a marble-like finish and dramatic appeal. They are very popular in the UK where people prefer natural stones over man-made ones like Quartz. Another reason for their popularity is said to be their heat resistant nature and durability.

If you are redoing your house and looking for worktop options, Limestone can be a perfect choice. Undoubtedly, it has an appeal that glorifies the entire look of the house, but then there are demerits too. So before you zero down on limestone, let us quickly understand its merits and demerits.

Cons of using limestone worktop-

1.    If you have a tight budget and not willing to shell out a fortune, it is better to drop the idea of having limestone worktops. It is no secret that natural stones come expensive.

Limestone has a soft texture and porous that makes it prone to scratches and stains. Once discolored or stained, it is difficult to get them back in their actual look. Limestone does look good and add magnificence, but they are high maintenance.

3.    Another major problem with limestone or travertine is that liquids get easily seep into it making it discolored. Though it can be fixed with professional sealing that is added cost.

Pros of Limestone worktop-

1.    Limestone or travertine (a kind of limestone commonly used for worktops) looks magnificent when fitted in the house. It has a marble-like an effect and instantly lights up the house.  Did you know this tone is used in some beautiful monuments like Taj Mahal and Pyramids of Egypt? Who would not want to have limestone in their home to give a classy feel!!!

2.    Limestone has an incredible appeal that makes the interiors shine and adds minimalist charm to the house. You do not have to worry about matching accessories because limestone goes well with all colors. Limestone kitchen flooring lends a beautiful vibe to your favorite corner of the house.

Another plus side is that it is heat resistant and can endure up to a certain temperature.  This makes it a convenient stone choice for kitchen usage, unlike other man-made stones.

3. Limestone is one of the most preferred stones when it comes to house and kitchen decor. Installing limestone worktop can be a bit expensive but should always be done by a professional.  There are many limestone worktops vendors in the UK, and you can choose from them. KMLWorktops London is one of the reliable and reputed brands and provides magnificent worktops solution for your house.