Zodiac Compatibility for a Successful Married Life

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Zodiac Signs can successfully come together, but getting married requires a certain amount of understanding. So the Zodiac sign compatibility can occur not only between two Zodiac signs for a short term fringe but is useful even for long term relationships. Several Zodiac signs do very well together over other combinations.

Zodiac compatibility allows you a successful married life, and we would try to bring forward a few combinations that would show you what compatibility would mean.

Rashifal is an excellent way to be in touch with your daily life and living. 

Kundali matching is not a mandate but is an excellent way to start a new relationship.

1)      Zodiac signs Leo and Aries would surely marry each other. Why? Both are fire signs; both love to have the pleasures of life; both love to enjoy life. They both love attention, and in this relationship, Aries brings passion, and Leo brings reason and rationality. Thus, both of them have an unparalleled Zodiac Sign compatibility and would do exceptionally well with each other.

2)      Taurus and Capricorn are all about a home, a mighty hearth in short. Capricorn wants to feel secure, and Taurus wants to make a home. They would build up a luxurious and reliable home together.

3)      Gemini and Libra would do well together, managing each other's fear of settling down. Witty to the core, Libra always needs some alone time to recharge and rewind. A kind of balance Libra would desire is found with a Gemini, and with Gemini's requirement to roam and pursue their madnesses, the duo would do exceptionally well together.

4)      Virgo and Taurus together would find something extraordinary in each other. Marriage matching between a Virgo loves those people who live upto their standards, and in a Taurus, they would find one such man or woman. A Taurus is more about words with actions, and a Virgo is also about effects. So, they find in each other the spine and the mind. A Taurean is brave enough to stand by their words, and a Virgo is quite critical about their mind.

5)      Sagittarius and Aquarius are both freedom lovers, and their horoscope compatibility for marriage arises from their understanding for each other as though from some different birth, it's their innate love for the freedom that binds them together as they beautifully stay alongside each other for a long, long time. But there is a condition; the Aquarius must be as mature as their Sagittarius counterpart if that does not match both would fall apart. They can act as a buffer for each other; their unique characteristics are always safe in each other's hands.

Can you not then, be a good lover for someone else, who does not match you astrologically?

Well, you may both still do well, the reason being that many other parameters are to be considered between two individuals that are different from their Moon signs and Zodiac signs or Sun Signs.

For example,

  • You ascendant/ rising Sign
  • Your Venus sign that represents your love for each other
  • Your Mars sign represents the amount of fight you would have with each other
  • What other planets have in store for you both.

So, though your Zodiac Sign or Moon Sign match is an excellent way to understand each other's emotional skills, mental needs and thus their physical bonding with each other.

Thus, having a different Moon Sign or Sun Sign does not necessarily mean that you cannot be good together.

As per Astrology, at least 18 out of 36 Gunas must match between the bride and the groom. If the 18 Gunas match, then it does not matter if the Zodiac sign and the Moon Sign match.

If you do not believe in all of it, even then, knowing something is not at all a bad idea. Try to apply this knowledge to find out if what is said about your friends or families through your zodiac sign is true at all. Match all that you read and compare it with people around you from the same sign.

I am sure there would be some people and some matching thoughts that would come out in your favor.