4 Cleaning Secrets You Should Know Of

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If you are struggling to maintain an orderly home, you are probably wondering how “clean” people do it. Here are a few secrets of the clean house that pros would not tell you.

On average, people spend nearly 40 minutes every day on house cleaning. Admit this! Most of you want to use that time for more enjoyable activities. As per researchers at Berlins Institute for Medical Psychology, there is a link between housework, stress, and poorer physical functioning for women. Luckily, here are a few great house cleaning tricks that will make your home twice as clean in half the time. Keep in mind! These are the secrets that professional cleaners would not tell you. So let us dive in;

Learn How to Make Space

Even if you are not the collector of stuff, you still find a pile of things in every corner as well as a countertop. It is better to get along with the effective one in & one out rule. Whenever you buy something new, just toss, sell, or perhaps donate an older item.

This habit will not only help you get rid of the items that are no longer in us but also create space for the new item. It is really important to get rid of the items that you are not using any longer. And honestly, that is what the professional Cleaners in Dubai do at their homes.

Gleam Your Sink Fixtures with Wax Paper

When it comes to sinks, these are the dirtiest places around the house. As per the recent study published in Applied & Environmental Microbiology, many sinks, even the ones in hospitals, are crawling with the drug-resistant bacteria. The constant wear & tear we have on sinks makes them look less-than-clean, even after they are disinfected.

So what is the solution? Once you are done sanitizing it with an antibacterial cleanser, make sure you polish the faucets & tap handles with wax paper. Not only it will remove water spots, but also help prevent future stains.

Scum-Proof the Shower Doors

When it is about keeping shower doors clean & streak free, it can be a great challenge unless you are aware of the pros secrets. So it is better to start by cleaning mold, mildew or streaks off the glass using a commercial or DIY glass cleaner. If you want to get along with the commercial one, you can use Mr Clean Magic Eraser to get into cracks in the textured glass. You can easily scrape off the tough buildup using a razor blade and then dry the doors with a microfiber cloth.

If you want to prevent the soap scum buildup ahead as well, it is good to use synthetic soap and avoid using the real one. On the chemical basis, the soap in liquid/gel form is a synthetic soap that can leave a tough film in your sink, shower as well as a tub.

Cleaning can feel less like a Chore

If you are not very much into cleaning and all but you still have to do it every day, there are ways that can help you complete a task while distracting your mind. Simply, make your cleaning enjoyable by listening to your favorite podcast. It is all about how your stuff keeps you stuck. Just get a set of wireless Bluetooth headphones, and it will give you a freedom to move all around the house.