4 Factors that Affect Wedding Cost

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As important as your wedding is, most of the time you’ll need to face important decisions regarding its grandeur. Sometimes you have to choose between different wedding food catering options or different venues just so your wedding can be as decent as possible.

The overall cost of your wedding should always be at the top of your mind from the very start of planning. From the biggest decisions to the smallest of details, all of that will most likely add up to a very expensive total.

With that being said, you should be very keen when it comes to costs. You should never go for what’s in front of you and always do more than the intended amount of research.

When you do this, you’ll most likely be able to save on your budget and still have the best possible wedding you can have.

Of course, there are so many factors that can affect the cost of your wedding. Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily need to have everything to have the perfect wedding. Sometimes focusing on one or two factors is enough to truly make your wedding amazing!

Here’s a list of factors that you can keep your eye on in order to keep track of your wedding costs!


Wedding Venue and Reception

There are people who truly value the wedding ceremony and would do all they can to do it in the best place that they can. Oftentimes it’s in a famous church, or in a location that’s very important to the bride and groom.

It’s a given that the bigger the location, the larger the cost. So be careful when choosing the venue. This is also the costliest out of all the factors depending on whether or not you choose a big venue!

A good alternative is to have a private wedding. One that would require a smaller venue preferably select family members and friends. It may not be as grand as it can be, however, the intimacy of the event will surely make up for it!

The same goes for the venue for your reception. Events places are scattered everywhere and chances are you’ll find a great one for a very accommodating price when you take time finding one.

Don’t be scared to take your chances with a reception venue that’s a bit far from where you had your wedding. There may be a bit of downtime in between, but if it will make the wedding better for you overall, then go for it!



Once your location is set, one of the next priorities should be the food catering for the wedding. A lot of people would agree that the food you serve in your reception makes or breaks the experience of a large percentage of your guests.

That means as long as you serve great food for your reception, oftentimes your guests will surely enjoy their time!

That being said, you should be very picky with your food. Settling for a cheap catering service will almost always give you additional frustrations especially if they’re rather new to the scene. It might get a bit pricey but making sure that your wedding food catering service is as professional as possible will surely increase the magnificence of your wedding!


Décor and Theme

To some, this may seem like just another decision to make, but to experienced wedding planners, these two will make up a significant part of your budget because of all the extra things that will be put in the venue, the wedding invitations, the food catering, and many others.

For example, going for a Valentine's theme would oftentimes mean you’ll spend a large amount for roses, and other red-colored or Valentines-inspired items to be used for decorations.

The same goes for even the most unique wedding themes. Whatever that may be, you’ll be spending a good amount.


Wedding Planning

Another important factor that may or may not be part of your initial budget is for planning—particularly the amount you’ll need when you hire a wedding planner.

There are surely some perks that come with hiring a wedding planner, however, it’s not a necessity. Rather, if you believe in your organization skills, or have a friend that’s very willing to help you out with planning your wedding, you can completely skip this factor and allocate the budget to something else!


Key Takeaway

Your wedding should be well planned in order for it to not flop. For it to be as great as it can be, you have to keep in mind a number of factors that basically makes or breaks the whole celebration.

Be sure to think of these factors while determining a budget for all of them. As long as you understand and keep with your budget, you won't have any problem with the cost of your wedding!