Nowadays you can't imagine your life without a water purifier system because the rate at which water pollution is increasing day by day is very high. Polluted water used for drinking cause serious illness in you and your loved one. Water purifier converts your impure water into the purest form of the water and helps you to live a healthy life.

Do you know, why do you need to drink more water than your food? Because about 60 percent of the human body is made up of water. Your body needs water to remove the toxic material from your system, improves your brain function, digestion, and immune system.  Now think your drinking water contains pollutant than what will happen to you. So if you don’t have your water purifier yet than go and have it. It is more urgent than anything else. Go and find the Aquaguard service center toll-free number to book your water purifier machine at your locality.

What! You have a water purifier, but it is not working? Don't worry, in this post, I would like to share Aquaguard toll-free number, you can quickly register your complaint or book your Aquaguard service request. Once you index your complaint at Aquaguard helpline number, the aquaguard service hyderabad engineer reaches you quickly. So don’t take the stress and enjoy.

Some Fact You Should Know About Your Water Purifier

You should know that only 3% of total earth water is drinkable and 97% of water is not drinkable due to the various reason. RO water purifier is used to purifier water at the large scale. Your water purifier is mainly based on the reverse osmosis technology and term as RO water purifier.

Now it is designed with advanced technology, but reverse osmosis is the best technology to purifier your water. RO water purifier removes all the impurities by using the membrane. But it needs proper clean at regular time intervals. You must be thinking, why your water purifier needs cleaning regularly? Then the answer is that while removing the TDS and bacterial impurities from your regular water, the surface of the RO membrane gets crowded by some salts and micro-organism which affects your water output quality. So it is essential to clean your water filtration system at a particular time interval.

In water purifier, RO membrane is an integral part because it removes the maximum number of impurities present in the water. So it is vital to protect the RO membrane. It is done by providing some extra protection to the RO membrane, i.e., pre-filter and activated carbon. Pre-filter is used to remove the solid and suspended particle from the water, so the life of the RO membrane increases whereas the carbon filter is mainly used to remove the chlorine from the water.

Some Sign of Not Working Water Purifier Properly

How to identify that your water purifier system needs maintenance service? It is the biggest question that how to determine that your Aquaguard water purifier is not working correctly. In this post, sharing that how to identify that your water filter machine/plant needs repairing or maintenance service.

  • Your RO system is entirely dead, i.e., not working at all

  • The flow of the water is shallow

  • Some bad taste or odor present in the water

  • Leakage of the water from the filter system

  • Some vibration present in the water filter treatment system

If you find any of the above problems in your water purifier machine, then you must contact Aquaguard customer care at the Aquaguard toll-free number. It is a straightforward way to register an Aquaguard complaint. But approximately 25-30% of the total world population is not able to drink pure and healthy water due to this they are prone to the water born disease. As it is said that your health is your valuable wealth so protect yourself from water-borne disease and install your RO water filter plant/system.