Sales enablement tools were created for a reason. They have become a great help for many sales and marketing teams in almost every aspect of their work. With these tools, many teams have experienced an increase in productivity and overall performance. Not to mention a reduction of wasted time and efforts on certain prospects!

That being said, even with the overwhelming benefits that sales enablement tools can provide, it’s still not as widespread as it’s supposed to be.  There are still some businesses that rely a lot on the old ways of doing things, and that can sometimes become a hindrance to their business processes. With that being said, here are some of the many challenges that businesses without sales enablement tools usually experience.


Outdated Data Management Tools

The digital age has spawned countless software and applications that somewhat rely on some sales enablement tools. With the power of integration, many systems can become very efficient and effective in the work that they do.

A business without a tool that helps manage data can have a hard time in that aspect. Bear in mind that today, data and information is what makes the world go round. The more you know about your prospects, the more you can do for them! In a situation where you lack information, your options will suddenly become limited, and you can only wait until you have enough information to act on something.


Extended Content Measurement Practices

Creating content is one part of the strategy. Knowing which one of them is effective, useful, and ultimately getting results is another, much harder task. Manually analyzing and measuring the effectiveness of your content can be a daunting task, particularly when you don’t have any tools that simplify the analysis into easier-to-consume data.

That being said, you’ll have to rely on multiple expert statisticians and analyst to identify patterns and conclusions to the hypothesis. You’ll also need a professional when it comes to more basic applications for measuring content usability.

Without sales enablement tools, knowing how effective the content you create becomes a harder, more complicated, and outright more expensive dilemma


Prospect Engagements and Interactions

Old school PowerPoint Presentations with a syllabus-esque style is no longer enough to satiate business pitches because there is always the chance that the prospect will have a question that’s outside of the presentation,

It’s no longer appealing to just present what you can. Rather you should focus on what you can do for your prospects, and the only way you can present a solution is if you knew their problem, something that sales enablement tools are designed to provide!


Key Takeaway

Sales enablement tools are now very important, especially for the sales and marketing teams. Traditional businesses will almost never be able to function at their utmost capabilities when they don’t make use of such tools.

If you don’t want to face any of the challenges presented above, make sure that you integrate sales enablement tools into your business!