How are natural makeup products made?

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It is believed half knowledge is more dangerous than not knowing at all. If, you look at it closely it is rightly said. You wake up every day and before stepping out lather yourself with creams and makeup. You read ingredients and that's all about your purchase. Treating your largest organ, your skin is no joke. Do you know the ingredients listed are just like the half story? There is much more to a product. Sites claiming natural products have blindfolded you by this half story, serving you chemical cocktails. Know what you are getting yourself into. Here is a little handbook which helps you know about the manufacturing of natural makeup products (real ones).

How are ingredients derived?

Natural make up products contain only natural raw materials, derived from plants, animals or mineral resources. Bio-degradable and environmentally friendly materials are used. The physical method used to extract them includes cold pressing, distillation, filtration, extraction and other such methods. They process the material to a small extent, allows to preserve the nutritional values, vitamins and beneficial substances found in the raw materials.

Animal-derived products include only those which doesn't harm any animal in the process, hence the tag cruelty-free. Animals are not victimized in this process and neither the products are tested on them. Honey, propolis, milk are such type of components.

Base and colors of natural makeup products

You must have come across the term cold-pressed. Most of the oils that are being used as a base in your natural makeup products are cold-pressed.

Cold-pressing is a process in which the oil is extracted from the component without chemical intervention and without the addition of any substances, at a temperature that does not exceed 35 °C. Thus, keeping all of its goodness intact. Like coconut, olive, sesame, rose hip and other such oils. They form the base of your foundations, lipsticks and the majority of other natural makeup products.

The glam color of your lipstick or that skin blending base of yours usually contains color pigments, waxes, emollients and other such agents. Meanwhile, natural makes up products try to keep that glam alive without using any such element. They strive their level best to derive products and keep that glam factor alive from natural sources through processes which try to keep the richness alive while not jeopardizing your or natures health.

No ugly processes

Most of the brands which claim to have natural make up products are just another form of marketing gimmicks. Their process involves dying, bleaching, deodorizing and refining. These processes extract life and authenticity out of the products which do no good to your skin.

If you are looking for natural makeup products make sure you opt for the one's which are organically grown and wild crafted. Also, goes without saying minimally processed and dyed. We opt for natural make up products owing to their beneficial properties for our skin, and there is no point buying if they are sucked out of it due to nasty chemical processes.

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