How to Get Rid of Ant Colonies in Yard

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Ants colony sometimes called as an ant society is made up of thousands of ants under the leadership of a queen ant. It consists of working, soldier and drone ants. They arent a threat until a mammoth infestation happens.

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There are two methods to get rid of ant colonies in yard. These are

  1. Professional: Professional ways include the use of pesticides and poison.
  2. Natural: It includes natural solution such as the use of peppermint, cinnamon etc.


Professional Method:

A professional ant repelling method includes-

  1. Using Ant Killer Gel: It works in the same way as borax and sugar mixture works. The ants are attracted to the sweet gel and then takes it to their queen for her feast but results in killing it. Although it contains minimum poison, it is not harmful for your babies and pets.
  2. Poison and Pesticides: If you house yard is largely infested by ants, then you need to apply pesticides or poisons. Spray the pesticide using a garden sprayer and if you are using powder poison take precautionary measures to prevent pets getting in touch with it. To do it, simply block the poison affected area for few days and keep a close eye on your babies and pets.

Natural Method:

Killing ants using pesticides and poisons, isnt a great practice until they cause great threat to you. So, we advise you to apply natural methods of repelling them without killing. You can use-

  1. Diatomaceous Earth is made from the marine phytoplankton and is great against ants. Just apply DE across ant infested yard and near colonies. It works on the exoskeleton to suffocate the ant.
  2. Borax: Using boric acid with warm water is ants silent killer. For better result use boric acid with a bit of honey as ants are naturally attracted to sweets.
  3. You can also use these –
  • Orange or Lemon Juice
  • Black Peppermint
  • Red Pepper
  • Salt
  • Cinnamon
  • Natural essential oils

Ants are often a nuisance that we hate to see in front of our site. These professional and natural guideline are really effective to eradicate ants colony from your yards forever leaving you with peace and harmony.

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Use The Essential Oil Spray and Food Grade Diatomaceous

Shake bottle, at that point shower around baseboards, the section focuses for ants and pretty much anyplace youve seen ants. In case youre splashing on a sustenance surface, excluding the tea tree oil and include 15 drops peppermint oil. Rehash each couple of days until the point that ants are gone.

Only one teaspoon of boric acid can be lethal to youngsters, so I lean toward not to keep it around. I use diatomaceous earth (DE), "a grayish powder like powder that is the fossilized stays of marine phytoplankton. At the point when sprinkled on a bug that has an exoskeleton, (for example, bloodsuckers, ants or beetles) it bargains their waxy covering with the goal that their innards transform into minuscule bug jerky. In any case, it doesnt hurt well-evolved creatures.


Delicately sprinkle a thin layer in spots ants are probably going to be: on windowsills, underneath the ice chest, under cupboards, junk jars, and so forth.