Know What Are The Main Advantages Of Sandwich Panel

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Know What Are The Main Advantages Of Sandwich Panel

Sandwich panel is a material, which is produced on the principle of a sandwich, that has several layers. Well, it is considered with two sheets of metal, inside which there is a layer of insulation. Sandwich panels are used to construct a wall and roof.


Thermal insulation is produced of fibreglass, polyurethane foam, mineral wool and expanded polystyrene Polyurethane foam is long-lasting, and its lifetime is independent of the ambient humidity. It has a high level of heat and – waterproofing foam retardant, and it has no impact on mould and other factors biology.


Mineral wool can be used to build simple construction instantly and resistant to corrosion and high temperature, thermal insulation. ACP Manufacturers In India are developed more, and nowadays everyone is using these best material to secure their property from distractions.


The glass fibre sandwich panels sound-absorbing, non-flammable, easy to transport, eco-friendly. Styrofoam is lightweight, dismounted, honeycomb and mounted for a small period of time and used as an environmentally clean material for the construction of warehouses, cold stores, shops, pavilions.


As the coatings are used in the outer layers of metal with a zinc coating. A layer of zinc on the surface directly affects the life of the sandwich panels. On top of it can be applied to the outer layer: polyester, plastisolaluzinc, polidiftorionad, Puranas, and drywall. Polyester is simple to tolerate temperature effects and mechanical damage.

Benefits Of Sandwich Panel Are:

Benefits of use panels the Sandwich-panel sandwich - the qualitative, reliable, aesthetic, multipurpose building material in the building world markets has developed Recently several materials which have directly won popularity in all spheres and directions of the building industry, having replaced the traditional designs applied for many years.

Mobility and Efficiency:

Sandwich Panel is the only material that provides disassembling the construction and erecting it somewhere else.  At the same time, due to the lightweight of Sandwich Panels, shipping could be relatively cheap.  The shipping costs for delivery of a square meter of one Sandwich Panels wall is 50 times less expensive than, for example, for delivery of bricks or cement.

Erection Promptness:

High-speed erection is produced due to the lightweight of panels, as well as due to their design innovations, such as complete factory-assembled.  It is possible to increase the useful area of the building, due to a notable decrease in the thickness of walls and partitions.



Construction Lightness:

The lightweight of Sandwich Panels affects the lowering of costs for equipping the basement; there is no requirement for heavy lifting equipment. 


Sandwich Panels meet the hygienic and environmental standards, including standards of housing construction; another property is best sound insulation. The panel construction eliminates the appearance of fungus or mould, and panel materials are not beautiful to rodents. 


Sandwich Panels cladding correctly carries detergent treatment. If you want to buy these without any doubt, you can take it, and in India, there are best Aluminium Composite Panel Suppliers.

Long Working Life:

The working life of Sandwich Panels on average is around 50 years.  Besides, since the building of Sandwich Panels is united prefabrication, any damaged element of the construction could be quickly replaced. 


It is low heat conductivity of a material as well as small degree of moisture absorption, simplicity of installation, stability to ignition, and assemblage a panel sandwich, works not needing a full experience, strong system connections the panels, allowing quickly to arrange small sites and to replace the damaged panels new, profitability of building method at the expense of absence of need to apply special equipment at many stages of works.