Next-Generation Core Banking Solution: 6 New Features

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As neo banks and challenger banks, the banking market is highly competitive. As a result, traditional banks' fundamental banking platforms are having trouble keeping up. They also lack the flexibility to react to changing client journeys and behavior, closed ecosystems, vendor lock-in, and high maintenance costs, to name a few disadvantages.

That is why traditional banks must replace their core banking solution with a next-generation core banking platform that will allow them to adapt to shifting client demands. Furthermore, by providing the most significant offering, a core banking solution helps banks become an intrinsic part of their customers' lives.

This article will go over six key elements of a core banking solution that traditional banks may use to attract more clients and enhance profits. But, first and foremost, what is core banking?

Defined Core Banking System

The core banking system is a back-end banking system that processes transactions throughout the bank's numerous branches. Centralized Online Real-time Exchange is abbreviated as the core. It is a centralized system built by a bank and its branches.

Customers can manage their accounts and conduct simple transactions at any bank's location. As a result, our approach eliminates the barrier of geo-specific transactions. The goal of core banking is to provide existing and potential clients with the ability to manage their account activity.

Best 6 Features Of A Core Banking Solution

The agency banking solution enables banks to perform basic operations by their needs and specifications. Several components of the core banking system automate banking processes. The following are the characteristics of a core banking solution that will help the bank achieve digital transformation:

#1. Check Processing In Real-time

It should be dependable, robust, and time-saving when clearing bank checks, which is a significant consideration in nations with a large population. In addition, core banking systems aid the bank in processing reviews in real-time.

The core banking system will create a digital image of the check with a MICR band formed by the core banking system and sent to the other bank for processing. There will be no need for additional physical documentation due to this. Because cheques are processed in real-time, banks can quickly distribute payments to clients. Furthermore, detecting fraud will be simplified as a result of this.

#2. Management Of Digital Banking

Customers nowadays use branchless banking solutions like mobile banking and internet banking to complete their transactions. As a result, banks must create a secure payment framework. Banks can benefit from core banking solutions by making their systems safe and smooth.

In general, digital banking management encompasses digital onboarding, virtual support, online documentation, and other possible incentives. Customers will benefit from this automation's efficiency, speed, and ease in customer onboarding.

#3. Analytical Banking

Any system that collects, processes, and analyses structured and unstructured data is referred to as banking analytics. Banking analytics are included in the basic banking service, allowing users to spot current market trends. Firms may expand faster and make more plans by recognizing these patterns.

In addition, the financial analytics tool aids the user in bettering their sales and marketing plans. It also offers users data that allows them to target specific demographics. Furthermore, the core banking solution's analytics component allows the user to detect and flag dangerous or fraudulent activities.

#4. Integration Of A Chatbot

Banks can provide the most personalized service to their customers. For this reason, banks must give their customers experienced assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Banks can use powerful Chatbots to accomplish this.

Chatbots are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so customers may get help even when the bank is closed. Furthermore, by handling minor concerns, chatbots will reduce the workload of banking staff. As a result, staff may concentrate solely on tasks that require a human touch. Apart from that, chatbots operate at regular intervals, have always been kind, and do not become tired.

#5. Processing of Loans

Core banking solutions automate loan processing and are simple to adopt using the latest cloud and web technologies. Furthermore, core banking technologies may assess and identify loan applications that fit the bank's lending criteria, notify borrowers, confidently underwrite the loan, and finance it.

Additionally, loan processing automation increases loan amount and application evaluation. In addition, the core banking solution reduces time-consuming manual processes. Aside from that, fundamental banking technologies will digitize the bank's loan reminders.

#6. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Banks use Customer Relationship Management to find future customers. It can also keep track of the bank's existing clients and utilize them to target the people who will bring in the most money.

Aside from that, the core banking system aids the administration in closing agreements faster by allowing for faster and more efficient responses to customer leads. In addition, fundamental banking technologies will significantly accelerate bank turnaround times.

Final Thoughts

Core banking solutions will aid banks in overcoming the challenges of changing IT infrastructure and outdated systems and lowering application maintenance costs. This will boost the bank's operating efficiency while also bringing system standardization from the front to the back offices.

Given the high risk of core banking transformation, banks must have strong governance and change management structures to ensure that all aspects of the transformation are managed successfully, from internal stakeholders to external partners.

Banks must develop a powerful mobile banking solution to accomplish this. Banks can engage a software development team or hire a remote development team to create a profitable core banking solution.