Refrigerator Buying Guide

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In today’s time, you cannot imagine a kitchen without a refrigerator. It has become everybody’s attraction due to its immense requirements and usage.

To store our favorite food for many days, we had to worry a lot when the refrigerator was not there during the olden days. But today, we remember the refrigerator for every topic related to preparing and storing food. 

The refrigerator also maintains the nutrient level intact in the food, which gives everyone a healthy life. Due to the advancement of technology, different types of refrigerators have arrived in the market.

It is a tough decision to make when it comes to what kind of refrigerator one has to go for. Buying a refrigerator is like investing in the long term, so choosing the best refrigerator is crucial.

Read this article to get complete information on different factors to look for before buying a refrigerator.

Things To Know Before Choosing A Refrigerator

1.Types Of Refrigerator In The Market

  • Single Door Refrigerator

The refrigerator comes with a single door having a freezer compartment attached to the fridge portion. The capacity of the refrigerator ranges from 150-250 liters.

They usually have direct cool technology and are energy efficient. Suitable for small families and are the cheapest available refrigerator in the market.

  • Double Door Refrigerator

Also known as a frost-free refrigerator that comes with a freezer compartment separately placed at the top or bottom. They are suitable for a family of 4 to 5 and comes with a capacity of 250- 500 liters.

They come with superior cooling features to enhance freshness in the fridge. Refrigerator shelves are mostly made of toughened glass shelves to hold heavyweight.

  • Side By Side Door Refrigerator

These refrigerators are mainly suitable for joint families who use the freezer more than a fridge. The refrigerator's capacity ranges from 500 to 900 liters and has a water dispenser on the door to collect cold water.

2. Know Different Technology

  • Direct Cool And Frost Free Technology

Direct cool technology is usually found in a single door fridge, whereas frost is free in double and triple door refrigerators.

Direct cool use natural convection to keep food fresh and requires frequent defrosting of the freezer. Frost-free use an electric fan to maintain freshness and doesn’t require manual defrosting.

  • Inverter Compressor

These compressors work at different speeds by optimizing the power of the compressor unit, depending on the cooling load. They save a considerable amount of electricity when compared to a general compressor.

  • BEE Star Rating

Star rating resembles the efficiency of a refrigerator based on energy consumption. It is only given to a single and double door refrigerator.

Going for a high star rated refrigerator can be economical in the long run because of regular savings in the monthly electric bill.

  • Smart Connect Technology

This feature helps to connect the refrigerator to the home inverter automatically. It is an advanced feature and is mostly found in a double door refrigerator.

  • Solar Smart Technology

This is the latest advanced feature, making it accessible for the customers to get continuous power supply to the refrigerator. Compressors are specially designed to connect to the solar panel whenever the power goes off.

3. Additional Advanced Features

  • Deodorizer

When different foods are kept in the fridge, they tend to produce a different kind of odor. To avoid this mixing, a deodorizer is used for filtering the air. They retain the freshness of food for a longer duration.

  • Stabilizer Free Operation

Many refrigerators do not require external stabilizers as the in-built stabilizer protects the compressor from unusual voltage variation, thus extending the life of both compressors and refrigerators.

  • Water And Ice Dispensers

Dispensers are mostly found in side by side refrigerator. They serve cold water and ice cubes without letting us open the door.Frequent water filling has to be done to get a continuous supply of cold water.

  • Toughened Glass Shelves

This is one of the essential features and plays a significant role in holding heavy utensils in the refrigerator. They can hold up to 150-170 kg of weight depending on different models.

  • Convertible Refrigerator

If you don’t have enough space inside the fridge section, then the freezer can be used for extra storage by converting it to fridge mode. When you go out on vacation, freezer mode can be switched off for saving energy.

  • Anti-Removable Gasket

To prevent the entry of germs or bacteria present in the air, a tight seal is provided between the door and refrigerator. It also prevents the movement of cold and hot air between the refrigerator and the external environment.


The information provided in this article is the suggestions taken from the experts in the market. We have to do thorough research and collect the right information before selecting the best refrigerator. You can also refer to this article before selecting the best refrigerator in India. You can leave the comment below if you found this information useful.