The wedding is not a small occasion, it involves a lot of things. You have found your wedding partner, but the to-do list is still pending. Your next move is to find an elegant wedding venue. People always find it difficult to find the venue of their choice at the last moment. It is excellent to choose a venue in advance before the wedding rituals start. If you are residing in Delhi NCR and searching for wedding banquet halls in Delhi, you can visit the O My Celebration website.

Here, you can have a look at some points which you should consider before you book a venue for your most crucial day:

Check the availability of the venue

First of all, you should check if the venue would be available on your wedding day. You should book the wedding venue before a considerable time. As beautiful venues will be always in demand, you should contact the service provider and confirm with him whether the venue is available or not. You should always be attentive and keep searching for the place of your choice.

Analyze the capacity 

In case, you have an idea about the number of people, who are going to attend your wedding, you should select the venue that would be ideal according to your guest count. It is required for you to go for a personal visit before you finalize a venue for your wedding. In Delhi/NCR, there are lots of elegant wedding venue to choose from. Those who are searching for the best wedding venues in Noida, they can visit the OMC site to explore the list of authorized service providers.


You should determine in advance, who is going to be your guest. Maybe some of your relatives will not be comfortable to attend your party if the wedding venue is far. It is important for you to book such a venue that is easily accessible to everyone.

Facilities provided

It is your duty to determine what facilities have been provided by the wedding venue service provider. You should check everything such as furniture, tablecloths, catering staff, decoration, etc. You make sure that the furniture is also included in the venue rental. In case, you are finding the spectacular wedding banquet halls in Delhi, visit the OMC portal to look at the list. 

Catering service

Catering is the most important aspect of a wedding. To get appreciation from your guests, food can be the perfect gift. You should check whether the venue service provider has an exclusive caterer. People who will book a recognized wedding venue service provider, they will get things at an affordable price.


Booking a perfect venue for your wedding needs a lot of effort but it is not difficult. Your attentive approach can help you select the right venue at an affordable price.

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The author name is working as an event manager at O My Celebration. He knows the hacks how booking the right venue can build a better impression on your guests. Apart from that, he loves to share his in-depth knowledge through his write-ups with people who want to make their wedding special and memorable.