Top 8 Signs a Website Needs Redesigning Immediately

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Almost all modern-day entrepreneurs have by now realised the utter significance of a website, which is often perceived as the strongest marketing tool. Apart from driving substantial traffic beyond geographical boundaries, it escalates conversion rates, improves earnings, and helps the organisation reach unimaginable heights of prosperity.

Designing one is, unfortunately, not enough. Modifying already installed elements in accordance with emerging trends stands to be quite necessary. Well, in the following write-up, I have jotted down few tell-tale signs such as unsatisfactory speed, clutter, difficult navigation, etc., which shows a website requires reformation right away. For details, please check out below-mentioned pointers.


  • Your website does not appear on search engines

Website is literally of no use that fails to appear on foremost pages of Google, Yahoo, and Bing Provide a structure that all major search engines would approve.


  • Your website is not fast

Consumers will bounce back from the website if the loading speed is more than three seconds. Apart from acting as a means of frustration, slow sites also hamper the credibility of business to a great extent.


  • Your website is not responsive

Top-notch professionals conducting web design in Melbourne with acute precision emphasised on the significance of responsiveness. Sites will impress viewers only if they adapt to all screen size, be it of desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.


  • Your website has navigational issues

Generating excellent user experience is the primary objective of contemporary business owners. If potential customers face difficulty while navigating different pages, it is time to undertake improvements. 


  • Your website looks cluttered

Old websites, or in other words, websites created years ago, looks different than ones designed at present. Excess clutter and no visual appeal hurt brand reputation.


  • Your website lacks a definite colour scheme

Aesthetically pleasing websites usually have a proper colour scheme. Now investing in too many shades, unfortunately, pave the way for immature outlook so always stick to two to three neutral tones.


  • Your targeted audience has changed

It is quite natural for the targeted audience to change with time. If a business owner is trying to impress visitors today, he or she must appeal in a different way. Remember working with previous trends would not be effective now. Research needs and expectations to enhance navigational pathways, write-ups, and various other aspects accordingly.


  • You cannot update content

Finally, yet importantly, websites must be transformed if their owner cannot add, edit, and remove content seamlessly. Rebuild with new content management systems such as WordPress, which allows people to organize and update articles, blogs, product descriptions, press releases, etc.


While many entrepreneurs redesign websites without specialised assistance, on finding things tad bit difficult, please hire a credible, efficient, and experienced professional now. From among diverse options available, I consider ones carrying out website design in Prahran best. Besides charging reasonably, they generate optimal outcome under all circumstances.