The world around us has changed all of a sudden owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. The streets that once were bustled are now empty, the shopping malls, cinema halls, offices, schools, colleges, and most of the other places that hosted social interactions are standing lifeless today. 

The nature of business has also changed and so has changed the ways of advertisement. With no people strolling down the streets and no one switching on the television except for having a look at the news, the former means of advertising is no longer finding grounds to stand. 

Impact on Advertising Budget

The budget for ads is finding new ways to make every penny impactful. While 65% of the market is cutting short the advertising budget, 27% has maintained the same expenditure, and a mere 9% have increased the share of advertising budget effectively. 

Let us take a look into how the market is responding to the unprecedented situation how it is preparing itself to face the block ahead.

Trends That Are Likely To Get Affected




Stay the same

No Prediction

Change In Marketing Mode





SEO-Based Marketing During COVID-19 Pandemic






The Probable Impact Of COVID-19 Situation On Business Houses

Level of difficulty


More difficult


Slightly more difficult


No impact


Slightly easier


Much easier



Data Source From Website: Impact Of COVID on Market Studies

The statistic, mentioned above, unveils one fact clearly that during this COVID-19 pandemic situation, the fortune of the business houses will surely go through a random change. Also, their marketing orientation will undoubtedly change towards SEO marketing as majority of the people are staying at home glued to their android devices.

The Customer’s Perspective

The social media platforms have already started witnessing more traffic, and some of the popular entertainment apps have already declared their inability to provide high-quality content owing to a huge influx of people. Google, Alexa, YouTube are getting flooded with people every day. If you invest in SEO marketing today, your searchability will increase, and from the 20 billion searches made every day, you will be able to reap out the fortune for your company.

SEO Is A Dynamic Solution

SEO is known to be a self compounding mechanism. When you set SEO marketing to take care of your business, it starts building its impact at a compound rate. The present scenario of the market is perfect for depending entirely on organic searches and their ability to generate more searches. Invest in SEO, and your business might be amongst the few running the show without a glitch amidst COVID-19 pandemic.

The Optimization Power

SEO does not deal with the creation of fresh content to pull the crowd; it also helps in boosting and optimizing the existing content. SEO marketing strategies would be useful in generating organic traffic for your existing content as well. With video, text, and interactive tools, SEO can be of sheer impact in driving your business steadily through these rough tides.

Besides being a future-friendly marketing tool, SEO is also customer-centric. Hence, you will be attaining more customers every day and would be retaining all of them.