Jaipur Metro has recently passed a rule to allow the booking of metros for birthday and photo shoots. This is a great initiative by the government to support our social and personal event photography. The rule is already available in most of the western countries. People are allowed to book metros for doing their photo and video shoots. But, we are happy that now this thing is possible in India too. As per the Jaipur Metro, people can now book metros for doing various events like birthdays and other family occasions.

The government is charging some security charges along with the actual booking costs from the people. As now we can book the metros to celebrate and capture our special days, now people are looking for this service in other cities too. The question is that is the capital city of India (Delhi) and Gurgaon will also pass this rule? Will the UT allow the people to capture their special moments in sleek and shiny metros.

This question is in the mind of many people mostly whose wedding ceremonies are coming ahead. If this happens, metros will become the best pre-wedding photoshoot location in Gurgaon and other Metro areas in Delhi. As the Jaipur metro has taken this big step, this thing is now helping the government to earn huge revenues too. They just have to assign a metro to the people for some time according to their needs. The department is charging the people as per the hours spent inside the metro.

This thing can also become a major change in the Delhi metro. Both the state government should take initiative for this because it will benefit them and the people too. This can take a longer period in Delhi because the Metro is divided into a different location some of which comes under the government of Haryana and UP. But once the government is approached with this proposal, something will absolutely happen. And the government will take beneficial actions for this for sure. So, people who are looking for a good pre-wedding photoshoot location in Delhi may wait for some more time. Maybe they get a chance to do it inside the metro.

This thing is highly appreciated by the people of Jaipur and the nearby areas because most of us want to click pictures inside the metro but we are unable to do so. Now, when the government is allowing it, people are using the service tremendously in Jaipur. They are using the metros for their pre-wedding photoshoot and other celebrations too. We might have to wait for these services to arrive in Delhi and Gurgaon. But we are sure that this thing will be allowed in these places very soon. It might be possible that you have to pay higher than the other photoshoot locations. But you will be able to click some memorable pictures which are not possible anywhere else in the city.

Metro will allow us to use our creativity to make new poses. Not only for the photoshoots, but it will also be good to celebrate our special days with our families and friends inside a metro. We are sure that we will get the best feeling if we could be able to do it. There will be no need to find any other pre-wedding photoshoot location in Gurgaon and Delhi if you get a metro for doing it. So, let's wait for the government to take steps on this thing and pray for the positive.

For the people who love to have a unique and attractive location for the photoshoot, the metro will be good for them. The photos will look classy and everyone will praise it too. They will appreciate your efforts and the quality of the pictures. So, let's try to have patience till the government pays its attention to this side.